Go Filth Go-No escape from noise dis-truction (2010,tape)

Dis is the answer from Greece to the endless Raw D-Beat bands that pop up everyday all over the world: Go Filth Go include members of Dyspnea, Black Trinity, Melanocetus Murrayi and Terrorismo Musical, No Escape from Noise Dis-truction came out in 2010 in tape format and brings you thirteen tracks of raw and distorted noisy D-beat incl. covers of Discharge and Disclose. There is no much to say about: Endless D-beat blasts, Disclose riffs, Kawakami styled vocals and pure noise, a sonic dis-torture to your ears, fuckin great! artwork was made by blog mate Galo, if you are into Raw D-Beat then then this is for you. The vocalist runs Dis-or-Die blog, some copies are still available and you can score em by mailing at gofilthgo (at) live (dot) com. A split ep w Besthoven just came out on a bunch of labels and a split w Electric Funeral (Phobia Records).
Link is stolen from Mike's Fifteen Counts..., (yes i m bored to rip my copy)



mikxxx said...

you are fucking welcome
these dudes are some of the greatest guys ever...
i had the pleasure to have them, on my house some time ago and the only word that can explain them is NICE.

cheers billy

7inchcrust said...

cheers Mike!


really nice noise from the balkan disclosers!
but now if you want some speedcrustmetalpunk venomous discharge here comes Uptight Bastard's debut cdr (3-eyro-tzaba- prama-to-ypografo-kiolas-ama-laxi)

7inchcrust said...

thanx,na sai kala!

Bobby King said...

Hi mister, DIY grind from Scotland - this is our self-recorded EP:


7inchcrust said...

Thanks Bobby, it will be posted asap