Sunsmasher-Mammothian/Loud/Cult demo 2010

from their myspace:"Drawing members from the Scottish Grind, Crust and Hardcore scenes they formed in early 2010 with a view to sounding as claustrophobic, intense and violent as could be achieved, Sunsmasher immediately established themselves as a titanic live experience, playing amongst Grind and Hardcore bands, their confrontational Doom and Sludge noise-hell strikes a note at a fraction of the pace but thrice the heaviness. Coming across like a smash up of Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, Melvins and Sleep, and due to release a 5 track demo imminently, the Mammothian Loud Cult is coming and they are sickened by you!"



Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the guitarist in this band and just wanted to say I'm chuffed that we're on this blog as I've been a fan of it for a long time :)



7inchcrust said...

thanks for your kind words Paul,its always nice to see people from bands typing a few words here,cheers!