Risposta-Demo 2007

Risposta hail from Bro, Czech Republic, they formed in 2006/07 and all i know aboutthem is that they include former member(s?) of Festa Desperato. Their discog includes a st 12' ep (2007, ), a split w Reakce Na Zmenu (2009), Schválen byl nový rad lp (2009) and some songs contributed in compilations.
If you wanna score some Risposta stuff, check Insane Society. Now a few about the demo... according to their myshit this demo was recorded in 2006 but their site says the year was 2007. Anyway, the tape consists of eleven tracks and delivers over of twenty minutes of raw and brutal crustcore in the vein of Warcollapse. This is heavy and brutal as fuck and sound is descent.



Anonymous said...

hi there, how can i post my band's demo on your blog?
thank you,


7inchcrust said...

check you mail ,

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanx for interest for our band. I d like just complete some informations...the demo was recorded 2006, but relased 2007, its easy:) And few songs from it we plan to relase on some German compilation LP (dont know the name yet). Other records are just Spalte Brno na prach, compilation LP weith Brnos raw punk/hardcore bands. Uhh and for these who play this ex- game - we are mambers of FESTA DESPERATO and EVIDENCE SMRTI ha.
And we also recorded songs for split 7" with DEFY (brazil) and split 12" with ROXOR (slovakia).

cheers and good luck