Okay,ive been out of the system for a while,and doubt theres a better day to refresh you punks out there with some metal flavoured cookie on a new years eve.Have no idea if its the right moment for it,but,here it goes;Coffins is a japanese death metal quartet formed around 96 in Tokyo.Gave a thought that some crusties out there might appreciate this since this band aint just about playing evil death metal,these guys have inducted some really nice doom suff inside the tunes,and when you add the drumer from .com and vocals from G.A.T.E.S. youll think that this is the long lost evil older brother of Stormcrow.Now about the release.This is not their first demo,the first one was released in 2000.On this piece of art,you get great growling vocals,which sound like they have a woofer or something attached to em,punishing drums,that give awesome crust feeling to the thing,and the guitar plus bass just drives you to the grave,like a true death metal boy scout would do.Need to mention that the whole thing lasts for around 17 mins,but,youll know when its over.And,last but not least,there is another release of this demo with 2 more tracks.Headbanging crusties


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