Seahag-Demo 2007

Seahag is a doom metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, they started under the name Locust Swarm in 2004 and members were/are in Circle of the Black Thorn and Deadbird. In 2005 they recorded a demo, soon after that they called it quits but some months later they came back as Seahag
The 2007 demo was released by the Little Rock based label Hell's War Records and delivers five slow tuned stoner/down doom metal tracks, this is sick, sorrowful and heavy, each song lasts over seven/eight minutes (demo's running time is approximately 31:30") there are desperate screamed vocals, bass and drums feed back the fall into a oblivious lethargy, guitar has some (what else?) Black Sabbath influences. The band is going to record some new tracks for a lp and offers the demo for free in their myshit

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