Kriegshog-cover songs demo tape

This is raging D-beat from the land of rising sun:Kriegshog hail from Tokyo, Japan, they formed a few years ago, they have a five track demo tape (2007) and a few 7" under their belt: Hardcore hell 7" (Hardcore Survives and re-released on Heart Fist) and splits with Dog Soldier (HG Fact) and Deathtribe (In Crust we Trash), all releases came out during 2008 and recieved good reviews. This is a two track tape released by Hardcore Survives in 2007 and consisting of two covers (Iconoclast and the Asexual) played the way Kriegshog deliver their D-beat noise: Thrashy, violent, raw and noisy hardcore inferno with screamed/shouted angry vocals. No need to say anything, get it!


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