Eternal Darkness-On a throne of propaghanda cd 2005

This is heavy and stenching metallic crust from Greece:Aeonio Skotos (Αιωνιο Σκοτος,Eternal Darkness) were formed around 2004-05 in Kastoria, northern Greece. On a throne of propaganda (S'ena throno propagandas, Σ'ενα θρονο προπαγανδας) is a four track cd recorded in 2005 and delivers twelve minutes of metallic crust in the vein of Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and also influenced by Greek bands such as Nuclear Winter, Ashen Breath, Naytia etc. Rhythm section has mid/fast pace beat, guitar is dark, heavy and metallic, lyrics in Greek, vocals are screamed/yelled. This is probably their only recorded material, never heard anything else from them, actually i don't know if they still exist as a band.


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