Disempower-demo 2007

Disempower are some D-beat freaks from San Antonio,TX, and this is their four track demo recorded in 2007. I don't know anything about them, actually i don't know if they still exist as a band, their myspace seems abandoned and there's no any information on the web, in their myspace they announce (in March '08) the release of a cd-r called "The Atrocity & Nightmare".
Anyway, this demo delivers four tracks of fast paced and raging D-beat/crust full of energy, the sound is raw and noisy, vocals are angry and shouted with a Japanese flavor. Framtid, World Burns to Death, Death Side, Defector, Discharge and Anti Cimex are some of the bands mentioned in their myshit as influences and thats the kind of noise they deliver.

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