Sotatila-Eka Demo CD

Sotatila is a hc punk d beat mixture with people coming from austria and finland,and to be more specific,the vocal is Jukka from Riistetyt,hes from finland and is doing the vocals i think,and the rest of the band,is the staff from Ruidosa Inmundicia(link is to their demo posted earlier).This band exists for few years now,from around 2004,not really sure,and this is their demo released on cd and tape format in 2005.besides this,they have some tracks from this demo on some compilations,and did a ep release around 2007,which can be scored on plague bearer,if anyone cares.So,finnish fast hardcore punk with lots of d beating,in the veins of terveet kadet and riistetyt,and also,just to know,Sotatila means war in finnish,and you can get this demo from their website which doesnt seems to work anymore or im too lazy to find it,but anyway,u can get this and take the rest of the day off!


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