Drip of Lies-Demo

Drip of Lies come from the city of Warsaw,Poland.A newer band,formed by people from some other older bands in poland i guess,they have few on their space page but ive only heard one of those i think,but then again,i dont know much about polish scene in particular.What we have here from this band is their effort to make a solid Wolfbrigade kinda crust d beat,but its not really the same,since on these 4 tracks youll hear a bit more crust/hardcore sound,but in a good kinda way.My oppinion is that this is a good start for this polish quintet.And as ending on this post,im just going to copy paste what they say on space page : Raw,distorted hardcore punk.Founded in 2008.
With members of Use The Brain,The Fight,Snakes Parade,Ultima Ratio,Kill The Famians Feeling.
Support d.i.y ,vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and antifascism.
Drop us a line via myspace or dripoflies(at)gmail.com.Later!;Thats all from me folks,cheers!!



Anonymous said...

Hey man, Drip of Lies are from Warsaw, capital of Poland, not somewhere..

gallo said...

sorry man,my bad.....i just took instructions from their myspace...i dobnt acctually live in poland...still thanx for the nfo...will have this fixed,cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, no probem :) ,btw. your blog is fantastic, greets from Poland!

gallo said...

thanx dude.....folks like you keep us going :)))) much appreciated!!!


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