Bakterien Kavalkade-Demo

Bakterien Kavalkade is a french based band coming from the city of Besancon.What is interesting about this all female anarcho feminist punk band is that lyrics are in german,guessing its done for effect or something,what effect,i have no idea,and it doesnt matter.What matters,is that here we have their demo self released around 2007 on CD format and has 4 tracks plus one bonus(my eddition).The tunes are not really catchy or anything,but have that crass punk flair in'em,though some have more punk hc riffs,which doesnt diminishes the band at all,but still,this isnt something that will catch you off guard.Plus,its good to hear stuff like this every now and then.The band is playing since 2006 or something,and has done few tours,mostly in states around france,and they have a new release called Vollgas put out on 10''Lp with 12 anarho/feminist/punk tracks released this year.Get this femme fatale punk and enjoi!


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