Pandemia Sistema-Demo 2007

Pandemia Sistema was a six piece act from formed in Chodziez Poland, they formed in '06 and the summer of '07 they recorded this seven track demo, in summer of '08 they played their last gigs and called it quits.
The demo must be their only recorded material plus some more tracks available in their last.fm page, the seven tracks last for about eighteen minutes, there are powerful male/female screamed/shouted vocals (plus some growls here and there) and lyrics in Polish, sound quality is excellent, music wise this is crusty hardcore with some nice guitar riffs balancing on the thin line between the genres. The band delivers much more power and aggression than other Polish female fronted bands such as Post Regiment, Eye For An Eye or Wlochaty. Rhythm section makes great work leading the band to fast or faster pathways. I don't know if there is any connection with other bands, they managed to create some nice songs without being a novelty or something groundbreaking, if they were still active they would have brought some more cool stuff.


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