Bludwulf-Anarchy Reaper Punx Attack [demo 2003]

Bludwulf formed in 2003 in New York by Reverend Jimmi Sinn, former singer for the chaotic kult h/c punk band the End and they play a blending of '80's thrashing metal and punk/hardcore with horror lyrics, a kind of 21th century Misfits thrashing descendants. They recorded several demos and their first official release was the two track ep Full Metal Warrior (delivering some tunes of the demo with te same name). They have some split eps's with bands such as G.A.T.E.S, Strikemaster & Metal Skull(three way split),Toxic Holocaust and Barbatos.
Anarchy Reaper Punx Attack is one of their first demos and was recorded in 2003, (There is another demo called Anarchy Reaper Attack, recorded in 2003 too but it has different track list), it delivers four tracks that blend Misfits with Discharge. The first track (Full metal warrior) is the absolute Misfits worship while the other three tracks have some hardcore and metal influences with some nice leading guitar parts. The sound is raw and decent and works really nice for the genre. Check their Myspace for some later tunes

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robi said...


I have visited your site and beyond to find useful and interesting hos also uploaded a couple of things.
I wanted to ask if you could also make the split of my band in download.
this is the link where you can download, there are the covers but not the booklet inside....