Hammers-Year one (tape,2009)

Hammers is a D-Beat crust band from Manchester, UK . They formed in 2008 and in November they recorded twelve tracks for the Year One tape. It comes in recycled paper and delivers raging crust full of energy in the vein of His Hero is Gone and Catharsis with pissed screaming vocals. 200 copies were made, the sound quality is decent and the band offer the tape for free from their myspace (lyrics and explanation are included).If you want a copy check Hit Time Records
Members of Hammers are involved (previously and currently) with bands such as Hail Brethren, Run Like Hell, Get Stuffed, Blackened Heart Syndrome, Funeral Diner (US) and The Secret (Italy). They recently released a six track 7" in a amazing package of handmade recycled paper, (i got a copy of it and i was surprised when i first put my hands on it by the cover/package), also there are plans for a split ep with War Coma from Manchester and a 10" split with Burning the Prospect
(the picture above is taken from a flyer and it isn't the original cover )

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