Uncle Charles-Another day,another dollar cd-r [2002]

A limited to 100 copies demo cd-r by Uncle Charles, recorded sometime in in 2002 . Uncle Charles included members of Human Waste, they formed in Ostersund, Sweden in 2002 and released three records:a split 7" w Human Waste, "Action speaks louder than words" ep and "In crust we trust" 10",they contributed some tracks of the later in "Norrland D-Beat" comp. cd.
"Another day,another dollar" was recorded in '02 and two of these tracks appeared in "Action speaks.." too. This demo consisted of nine tracks of fast/midpaced Swedish hardcore in the vein of Anticimex with male/female vocals. Only 100 copies were made, Blindead Productions released these tracks in a split tape w/American Straight Edge Kegger.


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