Beton-Demo [2005]

Beton hail from Bratislava,Slovakia (Slovak Republic),they formed in 2005 and recorded two demos, a studio cd-r/tape and a live cd-r recorded at Bratislava's Extrem fest, in 2007 they released a split cd with CAD on Totalpunk Records, a label run by Alex from Distress.There is a second press on SMYT Records,a tape version on DeathMutt Records and in 2008 a vinyl version came out on a co-operation of labels, check the interview in Vermynoze Putrida zine from Brazil.
The studio demo cd-r/tape was recorded in 2005 and was released by Biosphere Records, The sound quality is good enough and the band delivers anger and brutality for about thirty minutes of angry D-beat crustcore.


Anonymous said...

good sounds from these parts of the land.

Subculture said...

Thx for some rare stuff! Do you have the cover of Psychosis-Burial of wrath tape in a better quality?

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7inchcrust said...

thanks for the comments :)

Subculture distyxos den to exo se kaliteri poiotita k afto opos isos katalaves einai apo tin Anexarthsi..
se evala sta links, kali epityxia me to blogsou

Subculture said...

Parasirthika apo ton prwto ki egrapsa ki egw sta agglika :D

To skeftika gia tin anexartisi alla de thimomoun an to eixe. :)

sexy said...
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