Altare-Demo 2008

Altare is an old school death metal/crust band from Germany and these tracks is their 2008 demo: They balance between crust and death metal, the demo consists of six tracks and 25 minutes of running time, the leading guitar has a crust flavor in some tracks(God of deconstruction) while metal overcomes in some others(Tumultus ad murum, No existence), the production is good and dissent and along with drums help the creation of crust feeling since there 's neither clear death metal sound nor manic blast beats. Lyrically they are into metal territory but their attitude is in the punk/hardcore/diy area, there are some nice guitar melodies, a girl handles bass duties,the vocals are sometimes clear, sometime high pitched screams and deep low growls, not the metal total distorted but the growl that is familiar to crust bands.

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