Ablach-Demo 2007

Ablach formed in Aberdeen Scotland, Summer 2007 and features ex-members of Filthpact and current members of Bonesaw, they played their first gig on Dec 30th 2007, recording their demo shortly afterwards and have since shared stages with some of the best hardcore, grindcore, metal and punk bands around including: Achren, A Den Of Robbers, Afgrund, Atomgevitter, Co-Exist, Discharge, Diskelma, Joe Pesci, Flatlands, Ghoul Patrol, Rising Terror, $ylvester $taline,Wojczech, etc, in 2008 they toured in UK with Afgrund from Sweden.
The demo delivers fours tracks of brutal grind/crust and was repressed as a 7" by Problem Records for the tour. The name of band is an old name of Scotland,(Fir Ablan was a lost civilization), the lyrical content is included in the downloading folder and is merely a commentary on aspects of Scottish culture and history and are by no means to be taken as a nationalistic or patriotic rant,just read it and you ll understand
An album which has been mixed and mastered by Bri (Doom fame) will be released in spring 2009 on Blastwork Records
Many thanks to Dave from Ablach for the lyrics and explanations and Gallo who gave this. cheers dudes


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Lyrics & Exp (Please bundle with MP3s). Dave (Mitch) Ablach - ablachgrind(at)hotmail.co.uk

1. Bootlicker: Forget your culture, Your heritage, And what you’ve been taught. Forget your life, Your land, And all that you love. What
they have to offer, Is it equal in worth? What they have to offer, Can it ever be enough? To follow the steps of the one in front, Follow the
orders of those above? To never stop and question, Your place on this earth? Bootlicker, Goldigger, Arsekisser, Clan Killer,
But worst of all a traitor to yourself!

Exp: Betrayal, deceit, a loss of national and cultural identity and for what? A shiny penny from the British Government?
This song relates to the Scottish clansmen who chose to fight with the British Government against their fellow countrymen.

2. An Unforgiving Disposition: A wound that cannot heal, A stain that cannot shift, A wheel that no longer turns, A bridge that has been
burnt. Wanton acts of destruction, Further enforced by intimidation, Quickly spreads the condition, Of an unforgiving disposition.
Your people are now broken and nothing will be forgiven.

Exp: When violence is used to repress revolution it solves nothing and merely helps fuel the flames of discontent,
a lesson which has been shown time and time again throughout history yet we still see happening regularly in the world today.

3. Fir Alban: A past civilization, Erased by the cross, Centuries of culture, Now long since lost. Few tales, Passed by word of mouth
remain, We know little of their gods, Their tongue, Their ways. Fir Alban, The men of Scotland, Fir Alban, Their roots forgotten. Mists of
antiquity, Exist in place of recorded history, Cruithne beliefs and ideology, Considered an ancient mystery, Brochs, Carved stones and
sparse monuments still stand, Neglected reminders of those who embodied this land. With this in mind, Make the spark, Ignite the flame,
Question from where your country once came, Learn the truth, Strive to fill the blanks, Know your roots, Your ancestral line.

Exp: Fir Alban - The Gaelic name by which the Picts became referred to in the 10th century, meaning the men of Alba (Scotland). An older
name for these people was Cruithne, used by the Gaels of Ireland. This race occupied a large proportion of the land which has become
modern day Scotland for hundreds of years, yet the majority of today's Scottish population know very little,
if anything, about the historical existence of these people...

4. Jus Primae Noctis: Make believe? Or a past atrocity? The old tale? Jus primae noctis. A popularized fable? Or of what man is capable
When given the power? Droit de seigneur. Law of the first night, Greed, Lust, Desire – Their licit right? Virginal innocence taken and
destroyed, Tyrannous defloration by high social ranks. The twisted ways of mythical King Evanus?
Or acts of an innate evil, lurking within each one of us?

Exp: Jus primae noctis / Droit de seigneur - Terms relating to the medieval, perhaps mythical, custom whereby the lord of an estate would
have the right to deflower its virgins on their wedding night. Scepticism exists as to whether or not this custom ever really existed or was
merely exaggerated reports from an isolated abuse of power.
Regardless, the fact sadly remains that even today mankind is still more than capable of such behaviour towards one another!

The lyrics contained in this release are merely a commentary on aspects of Scottish culture and history,
the country in which we (Ablach) live, and are by no means to be taken as a nationalistic or patriotic rant.

Ablach are: Aaron, Al B, Andy G, Bazz, Calum and Mitch.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paul at Captain Toms, Aberdeen - Jan 2008.
Steer Skull Artwork by Greg Fisher.

Thanks to those who've supported and helped us so far!

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Hi Dave
thanks for the lyrics andthe explanations, i repuploaded the folder including this time your text. thanks again
cheers :)

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thanx a lots