Sand Creek Massacre-Scandinavia tour demo [cd,2008]

The Sand Creek Massacre (also known as the Chivington massacre) was an incident in the Indian Wars of the United States that occurred on November 29, 1864, when Colorado Territory militia attacked and destroyed a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho encamped in southeastern Colorado Territory. John Chivington making good on his genocidal promise, led the Colorado Volunteers in a dawn attack on Black Kettle (a well-known "peace" chief) and his band, who had been told they would be safe on this desolate reservation. Two hundred Cheyenne men, women and children were slaughtered, and their corpses often grotesquely mutilated, in a massacre that shocked the nation.check the web for more sad details..

Sand Creek Massacre (the band) comes from Overijssel, Netherlands and this is their 2008 demo from their 2008 tour in Scandinavia. They formed in 2006 and toured thrice in Europe, (west/central Europe, Germany and Scandinavia) they released this mcd on Bored To The Core-records for their Scandinavian tour and a split with M:40 from Sweden is on the way. Music wise they blend crust with hardcore with  d-beat driven force, The demo delivers eight tracks and 28 minutes, the production is descent, lyrics in English. There must be a tape version it.
thanks to Chris for giving me this, cheers

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