Bhopal-Where morality fails cd

This post is an instant escape from the horrible pictures on news, the reports of innocent who suffer and die in Gaza and the apathy of international community, apathy covered by diplomacy bullshit. But even the name of the band posted here carries a dark history: Bhopal is a city in India known for the disaster in the industrial area in 1984. Thousands people died, i was just a kid but still remember the reports on news telling about thousands people getting blind and die .More macabre infos you can find on wiki
the band Bhopal was formed during the fall of 2004 in Alesandria, (north/west of Italy) by 5 old friends members of many hardcore punk bands of the town (as Jilted, Insult Eyeless, Execucao, PDM, Drunkards). During 2006 Paz (guitar) decided to leave the band. In few days Gianoz, old friend, first drummer of Insult 12 years ago and member of the incredible Fondazione OK, joined the band. After few shows they recorded the demo CD "Where Morality Fails": 3 songs for 11 minutes. During autumn 2007, Gianoz quited the band, but fortunately after few weeks Nicola (Mortuary Drape, Eroded) joined the band!


first post for 2009, happy new fear to everyone..


Anonymous said...

good start for 2009

DogArgentina said...

great band from what i heard in myspace.too bad i cant download it i dont have an account in rapidshare as i already download once.why do you prefer rapidshare?
thanks anyway

7inchcrust said...

Hi DogArgentina
servers suck: first off Gigasize deleted twice my uploads, then Divshare did the same and now Zshare is a zombie server, the link is there but you can't download (the page refreshes again and again), Easy-share is a new server and i can't trust it, Bandogo's speed is low, uploading in Mediafire sucks and i dont know why so Megaupload and Rapidshare are the only servers you can trust, i know there is this problem with rapid, just try later, Bhopal was uploaded in December when i used to up there , the latest posts are uploaded in Megaupload..

kali xronia

DogArgentina said...

thanks for the responce.
i use 4shared and from the most servers i think this one is the most nice you can trust!
i managed to download it now great band i must say,thanks anyway and thanks for all these new bands i found out through your blog!
cheeers and keep up!!!

7inchcrust said...

i use 4shared for my other blog, it has deleted some of my uploads but comparing to some other servers,this belongs to those you can trust.
how about this:


I found the 3 tracks free on last.fm

The LP is out now too!

Anonymous said...

DOWNLOAD the LP here: