Now something totally different:Tribal Psych/Prog/. Hawkwind/Ozrics mixed with Killing Joke. Thank to John who contributed this.
CROW formed from the ashes of previous outfit DOOR MARKED SUMMER. Their rousing brand of Tribal Psychedelic Prog Rock was tempered with a Hardcore/Crust-Punk edge, and evolved to incorporate influences from Dub, Trance and Funk. This was no disjointed clash of styles, the music seemed to naturally flow between different extremes as and when required. The lyrics promoted positivity and spoke of environmental, spiritual and social issues, yet the band were equally happy to let the music do the talking, as about half of their material was instrumental. Some tracks featured didgeridoo, which further enhanced the ethnic/tribal aspect of the band.

The band amassed a large following, regularly playing Folkestone's Leas Cliff Hall both as headline and as support to bands such as GIRLSCHOOL and HERE AND NOW (ex-GONG). CROW gigs became legendary for their stage-shows, incorporating visual elements such as lighting + projection (courtesy of Corvus Lighting), backdrops and stage props, as well as collaborations with the Fire-Jugglers of the Kent Circus School who provided a primal and stirring visual accompaniment to the hypnotic Tribal rhythms. To this day the scent of paraffin takes me back to happier times...
CROW split in 1995 following the departure of Mike Ashbee. The remaining members teamed up with fellow DOOR MARKED SUMMER member Jamie Godman to form the more Hardcore NINE, which later evolved briefly into CHROMOSOME.
There were apparently other related bands/projects at various times, such as SUMMER LOVE SENSATION and CROW NATION, but I never got to see these, so I have no information.
CROW reformed in early 2008, after the death of their former promoter Brian Steele. More information can be found on their MySpace page.



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Sometimes I like to just wanter aimlessly through the blogs to see if anything new to me jumps out. Your writing here made me want to hear this band, and Now I've heard Medicine Wheel, I am so pleased - exactly what I wanted to listen to, without realising it. waiting for the 2nd one to d/l now...
Big thanks!

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I've deleted these files from Rapidshare at the request of the band.

All their material is now available from:


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its ok, i removed the rapidlink and put the new one, thank you very much.