Deviated Instinct-Live 1985(the Anarcho years)

This is a Deviated Instinct live set from 1985(!!!) when they were an anarchopunk band, this was posted in Profane Existence messageboard by Mid and i think its a old and fuckin rare document, a must have for DI worshipers. Thats what Mid says:
For anyone that might be intrigued to hear some super early pre-crust/metal Deviated Instinct when we were just a fairly basic and straightforward anarchopunk sounding band, I've just discovered a full live set from 1985 online free to download.Decent quality recording, can't say the same about the actual playing but hey, we were but young un's and I think it captures the moment and spirit of the time.It was the very first D.I line-up of Leggo - Vocals / Mid-Guitar+vocals / Ian - Bass / Trev - Drums.
Recorded at the UEA Barn, Norwich 5th April 1985 (pre first demo)
Set list -
1 - Perhaps
2 - Pestilence (4 Horseman of the mind pt 1)
3 - Thought Control
4 - Famine (pt 2)
5 - Possession
6 - War (pt 3)
7 - Screaming into the wind
8 - Death (pt 4)
9 - There must be more
10 - Mindfucker
11 - Statement


toxik boys said...

this is a treasure man


ive always liked there anarcho stuff much more than there crust stuff thanks for this one my tape of it has seen better days