Call the Police-World crashing in (tape,2002)

Whispy promised to rip this tape but he 's too busy so i decided no to wait no more so i m posting it: Here we have female fronted d-beat/punk/hardcore from west coast of USA:Call the Police (what a name..) come from Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California. "World crashing in" is a demo tape recorded and self/released in 2002. I don't know anything about these guys (and girl) so any help is appreciated. "World crashing in " delivers ten tracks of punk in the vein of Burning Kitchen and Imperial Leather, sometimes they speed on ( "1984 in 2002" or "Machine nation") and sound like a d-beat hardcore band. Ten tracks and about 22 minutes total running time full old school punk feeling, some nice d-beat parts with smart riffs here and there and nice female vocals, the sound is descent, lyrics deal about the usual punk topics such as war, democracy etc.
I don't know if CtP released/recorded any other stuff or if members joined any other band, so please make a comment in case you know something
01:The time is now
02:War power
04:Machine nation
05:1984 in 2002
06:Grind to freedom
08:26 times
09:Atomic children
10:Call the Police anthem

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whispered into existence said...

Ah, missed my chance! I looked for this & couldn't find it after all - must be in my old HD... The only thing I remember at this time is that the band shared members with Tragedy & Warcry - also, that I liked the demo more than the LP ("1984 In 2003," Feral Ward). Oh well!