Bomba w Torcie-Anarchia 666 (tape,1996)

..And from Demo(n)cracy we are moving to Anarchy: Bomba w Torcie were a crust band from Poland. I don't know not a fucking shit about them, their myspace has no infos and Google search gives results only in Polish., we would appreciate it if visitors from Poland who happen to know any infos about BwT, make a comment and enlighten us..
Anarchia 666 was a tape released by Enigmatic Records in 1996 and this must be their one and only release (Google search gives no other release of them). BwT deliver eleven tracks of grinding crust with brutal vocals, heavy guitars with some metal and grind elements here and there, blasting drums, decent sound quality and about 39 minutes of grinding crust
Enigmatic Records was a Polish label, i remember a silly photo on their website when it was hacked a few weeks after one of my friends made a 200 euros order, you can find this shitty story about how the guy(s) behind the label treated him here
01:Bomba w torci3
03:Anarchia-nie wytrzymasz
04:Czarny anarchista
06:Jemy lad
07:Doktor prorok
08:Fredi Merkury
09:Pank wieszcz
10:Zapieczona ropa
11:Sy.ky.u.ny.ks analiza

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