Radioskugga-En plats av tarar och blod (tape,2002)

Radioskugga hail from Sandviken, Sweden. They formed in 2002 and "En plats av tarar och blod" is a demo tape recorded in 2002 and released by Halvfabrikat Records. It consists of a five track blending of crust black metal and grindcore, deliveling total mayhem.
in 2004 Radioskugga released a split ep w Anatomi 71, the "En estetisk krigsförklaring" mcd(2005) and a five track promo cd (2006). Black metal influences take over in their later recordings...
Here is a text from their myspace:
2002 The band is formed during the summer by Tommy, Tomas, Stefan and Fredrik. After two weeks the band gets its first live show at Kungen in Sandviken. The show was not very successful. During the autumn the first demo tape was recorded which was never released. 2003 Halvfabrikat Records contacts the band. Eight live shows of which only one isn't in Sandviken. "En Plats Av Tårar Och Blod" was recorded and released by Halvfabrikat Records. 2004 Stefan and Fredrik leaves the band and are replaced by John and Tommie. A lot of new material with a slightly different musical direction are recorded and released under the name "En Estetisk Krigsförklaring". The band does a very successful live show at Rockpuben in Sandviken. More shows follow, but unfortunately only in Sandviken. The 7" split Anatomi -71/Radioskugga was released by Halvfabrikat Records
02:Fuck you
03:Ett javla liv
04:En plats av tarar och blod
05:En gang till sa smaller det


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Fernando Aquilini said...

hi friend. tanx for the blog, tanx for this post, but i can't download this demo. maybe a problem with mediafire.