Violencia Sonora-demo (2005,tape)

Violencia Sonora hail from Sao Paolo, Brazil and this is their eight track demo tape from 2005. They "formed in 28/08/2004 with the proposal to touch a sound barulhento, with letters of sincere, espontaneous protests, telling the life and showing the world as it is. The band in if arrests to no type of idea., therefore each one has its exclusive thought and its conscience. Against the authority, oppression and discrimination it is sexual, etinic, religious or racial We are in favor of the free thought as consequence form on its current and future condition. EQUALITY, FREEDOM and FIGHT..."
01:Vote nulo!
03:Exploração e Alienação
05:Violência Gratuita
06:Salvação ou Prisão
07:Humano ser devastador
08:Sistema falido


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