Disforme-64 Nunca mais (cd,2006)

Disforme hail from Distrito Federal,Brazil, they formed in 2005 and "64 Nunca mais" is a demo cd with seven tracks. This was recorded in 2006, and their Dis name is a proof of the d-beat they deliver for 8:20" total running time.
No much to say about them since i have no idea about their biography,so here is a text taken from their myspace (actually the demo is taken from there,you can check some tracks from other recordings)
"The band Disforme was formed in the beginning of 2005 with the proposition of producing a fast and raw sound. At the moment, the formation of Disforme is: Täinärä (vocals), xNegretex (vocals end guitar), Petrônio QNG (bass) and Marcelo Podrera (drums). We are a completely libertarian band, and we try to demonstrate that trough our compositions to the people who hear us, to our friends and specially to people who are involved with hardcore/punk. Today, hardcore is something with no shape because of the diversity of people who are in this scene, and this has a good side and a bad side We are not here looking for status or recognition, and we are specially not here to impose our believes on anyone. We are here because we like what we do, we unite the useful (pass information) to the pleasant (because we fell a immense pleasure when playing) and there is no money in the world that can pay that feeling! We seek for integration and partnership within the hardcore/punk scene. Hardcore is something we love and live in our daily lives, its the fuel that keeps us alive! We are Disforme."
01:Escravos cardíacos
04:O Golpe e a Bossa Nova
05:Por que?

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