Civil Disobedience-Political prisoners (tape,1992)

Civil Disobedience formed in Michigan in 1992 and "Political prisoners" was their demo tape recorded in the same year. It was distributed by Profane Existence mail order and sold several hundred copies,it was followed by the milestone "In a few hours of madness" ep on Havoc Records.
"Political prisoners" consists 13 tracks and about 28 minutes of frenzy hardcore, the sound quality is ok for a demo tape of early '90's, there's some great work on bass, shouting vocals and lyrics dealing with the usual political topics.
Civil Disobedience later put a full length lp on Profane Existence with a slightly different line up
02:Selective services
03:Puppets of democracy
04:Criminal control
05:Fuck the will of the gods
07:Resist refuse
09:TV screen
11:Civil disobedience
12:Political prisoners
13:Race rits


P&A said...

Damn! One of the best anarcho punk/hardcore bands I've heard from the early 90's! Thanks for this, been looking around for any material by them.

Anonymous said...

please re up this
thanksfor all the great music

Anonymous said...

heard a few tracks coupla years back, got interested and been looking for their stuff ever since. i finally got mp3s of their lp and it fucking shreds! some of the best angry out of fukn control punk rock i've ever heard! please reup this - i need to hear more of their shit!

7inchcrust said...

i will reup this as soon as possible along with some other files (HHIG,Framtid,etc)


hey all. what are the odds... this is actually a rip i made like 6 or 7 years ago. the sound quality is actually better than what you're hearing. i was new to computers & ripping at the time. i was using some editing program at the time (i don't remember which one) & there was some setting that was preset to add some kinda noise/manipulation. it's slight, but it's still there. it sucks, cuz i ripped all kinds of goodies & later found the setting. so all the initial tapes & records i ripped (HHIG demo, a ton of Suppression stuff, the Vomitus demo, etc) all have that weird ting. it's mainly audible in the drums.

anyway, i got this from the band when they played my house in philly in like... 96? i would re-rip it, but sadly i lost the tape during hurricane katrina.

anyway, glad to see people are enjoying it!