Antisect-Live in Leeds 02.04 1986 (lp)

Live in Leeds is one of these Antisect bootlegs that came out in 80's and brought to light some rare live recordings:Live at the station 1984,Live in Norwich 1987,Live in Newcastle 1987 and some others float around the web and trade circles.
This live in Leeds was recorded in 02.04 1986 (it was previously taken as 7/3/1984.) ,. There is an intro opening the tape and the songs are in general played little slower but delivering more heaviness. There is a slow vesion of "in darkness." (is the riff of Tortured and abused featured there? can anybody help?), the sound quality is descent and the whole shit is about 45 minutes long.
And last but not least,to mention some people who are involved in this post: this boot is taken from Mass grave blog (thanks to Zenpunk(the blogger) and Terry(the uploader) and was mentioned a 7/3/1984 tape), electricprophet set things clear with this by giving information and doing some work on mp3.(check the comments for more). Many thanx dude!
Score a copy here, check also Crustcracker for Live in darkness bootleg lp,(first time i see it around), Running Riot in 2007 for a Live tape in Brighton '85 (and many other boots).., Anniesanimal for the Antisect demos, Rarepunk's post of "Peace is a better place than a history" (official live), Goodbad Music for "Hallo there,how's life live lp Rockin-Noise for "In darkness there is no choice" lp and 7inchcrust for "Out from the void" 7"


Erich said...

What almost made me burst out in tears from laughing so hard was the sound of an incoming call or message on your handy, to be heard at ca. 0.30, hahahaahaha

davess said...

I'm confused. I've just downloaded the file you posted from here on rapidshare as Antisect, live, Leeds, 7-3-84, but I clearly hear late Antisect, probably from 1987, because I knew Antisect, saw them loads, rehearsed with them once, and the vocalist on this recording was in my band before he joined Antisect. His name is Tim Andrews, this is clearly him, plus the songs are from the late period too, like 'Accept the Darkness', 'New Dark Ages', 'Peace Is Here', 'Out from the Void', etc., etc., songs they didn't have in 1984. I know Tim's voice, I couldn't miss it, plus the previous vocalist is a good friend of mine and it's not him (John Bryson, who is on the 'Out from the Void' ep), plus it's not Pete Lyons' voice, which is very distinctive, and he's also a friend of mine (you can hear him on the ep too) and I'd know the two voices of the 2 vocalists that would have been playing with them in 1984, Rich Hill and Pete Boyce, who you can hear on the album "In Darkness...". Plus the tracks are all different to what you've listed here. Maybe you do have that 1984 tape, but what you've posted a link for is something from 1987, maybe from the Mermaid in Birmingham, or maybe the Norwich or Newcastle recordings.

davess said...

Oh yeah, and the slower version of 'In Darkness' that you mention is simply the song starting off from the metal riff in the middle of the version from the album, skipping out all the fast stuff before it, and then extending that metal riff and putting the lyrics to it. Seems you were writing about this recording, but I repeat, it's late Antisect, not long before they quit. That's why it's slower and heavier, that's how they got.

7inchcrust said...

hi davess
thanks for the infos, i really appreciate it and you are probably right: as i mentioned above the tape was found on the (now defunct) Mass Grave blog, i dont have it, i saw it once on Ebay but didn't buy it, i had my objections about the tracklist, etc too but searching the web for details i found nothing about this tape, only a discussion in Profane Existence messageboard and i (wrongly) reproduced what a guy was telling about 'In Darkness' track.
i really dont know whats going on here,probably there is a mistake (wrong date or recording or whatever) and i have no reason to doubt about what you say,sorry for the mess and thanks for setting things clear

electricprophet said...

maybe this is the one in the post one?


Anonymous said...

ok, I think I figured it out: this upload is the Live in Leeds from 02.04 1986, and the correct track list is the following:

1. Intro
2. Out from the void II
3. They Came
4. Behind the lines
5. New dark ages
6. Bedlam
7. Out from the void I
8. In darkness
9. Into the flames
10. Ritual
11. Tortured and abused
12. The bucks stops here

This blog helped alot: http://mickepunkversus.blogspot.com/2009/01/antisect-84-87.html but unfortunately those links are dead, so I took the mp3 file which you uploaded here and I've split the mp3 into separate tracks, which were tagged with the info I got from there (except I left the intro merged to Out from the Void II). and I've uploaded them here:


Hope this helps! Cheers for this great blog!

7inchcrust said...

thank you electricprophet, i appreciate you effort, you have done great work. well, yes there was a mess with this post and finally things are clear thanks to you :)
thanks for everything, cheers!

Unknown said...

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