Deformed Conscience-st demo (tape,1991)

Deformed conscience were a crust band from Connecticut, USA, they were formed in early 90's and after they disbanded members went on with State of Fear, Inhaste, Shitlist, React and many others. Most of their recorded material is included in the Hagen Days-(Discography) 2xLP on Unrest Records ans is still available.
As far as i know they recorded two demos (or at least i know these two demos..):"No Excuse for Suffering" and "Deformed Conscience" demo. "No Excuse.." is included in the Hagen Days-(Discography), here is their eponymous demo, recorded back in 1991 consisting of eight tracks of fast angry crust with political lyrics(as always in crust..). Get it!
1:What we cannot afford to ignore
2:Trouble with pigs
4:High school facism
5:Greed before compassion
6:Deformed conscience
7:Our world
8:Be all that you can be

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