Vägra-8 tracks demo tape, 2016

Another obscure band with name in Swedish and no any site on internet: Vägra (to refuse, to deny, to withold in Swedish) is a raw punk trio, they come from Gainesville, Florida,United States and this is their debut demo titled 8 tracks demonstration 2016. Just like the band of previous post, there's no any information on the web about them. The demo consists of eight tracks of D-beat raw punk with guitars full of delay and distortion and vocals in reverb. This (probably) came out as cassette and is available only via the band. This is primitive and raw, aggressive and chaotic, having all the elements the subegenre needs to deliver some good noise. You can stream the demo in bandcamp or contact the band for a physical copy, there's not any informaion about date of release, bandcamp says "April 20, 1969"!!!. No need to rant anyore. go listen it.


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