Multinational Corporations-Jamat​-​al​-​Maut

This is brutal as hell old school grindcore coming from Pakistan and once again Hassan from Kafir E Azam and Nihilist Holiday, is involved and handles vocal duties: Multinational Corporations hail from Lahore and Jamat l Maut (congregation of death) is their second release after Equality demo from 2011. The band is a duet but these two persons are enough to deliver brutality and wrath in heavy amount as they try to express aspects of Pakistani society. Jamat al Maut consists of eight songs of brutal old school grindcore with fast parts and mid/slow paced breaks and acid political lyrics. This is full of anger and rage, the beat changes make it interesting while sometime it gets catchy and yes this is not burried behind a million drum beats per second, the last song titled Peniless Pride is slow, atmospheric and emotional. All and all this band wins the listener with the catchines and made me stay and listen it to the final second. This is available on bandcamp for free, listen it and don't forget to check the lyrics (apart from the messages you will learn some mean phrases in Pakistani language) Salute Records is going to release the cd version while  Extreme Noise Productions from Poland will release the tape version.


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