Crutches-Lurad lp

Sweden's powerhouse Crutches strike again with their first lp, titled Lurad and co-released by Distroy Rec.sPhobia Rec.sNot Enough Rec.s and Rawmantic Disaster Rec.s  and when these label are involved in a release then this record can not be bad. These Malmö based punks need no introduction, carrying a history in Project Hopeless and Ursut they know how to deliver the goods, blog's freequenters have met met when posted their demo tape and D-Beat Tsunami 7".  Recorded at Norragrängesbergsgatan and mixed by Matte P (Sceleris Productions), Lurad comes with amazing top class cover artwork made by Stiv from Visions of War and delivers ten tracks of frantic political D-beat Raw Punk in the vein of Disclose, Framtid, Warvictims, Electric Funeral, Infernöh and the likes. This is simillar to their previous releases and delivers the same D-beat madness and sonic hell. Apart from the vinyl, there is a tape version, made for their tour in South East Asia and contains the D-beat Tsunami and Demo songs as bonus, check it here. The vinyl is available via the aforementioned labels and also available for streaming on band's bandcamp and Phobia Records bandcamp as well. Check them in farcebook too, there. No need to ran more, give it a listening and catch them on stage if they visit your town

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