Nuclear Altar-Mankind In Decline

Nuclear Altar from Croatia are back with Mankind In Decline their second demo after Blessed Ruins from 2013. The band is not new to this blog but for those who are not familiar, Nuclear Altar come from Požega, Croatia,  Blessed Ruins was their frist demo, the songs appeared in a split tape with Hellback, there is also a live 4 way split tape with Propast, Hellback and Noname. Blessed Ruins was a piece of old school D-beat but  the line up changes and guitarist's steps to a more dark and metallic path as appeared in his one man project Gutterskull and its offspring Crawling in Disgust are somehow obvious here and brought a new feeling to Mankind In Decline sound: This is raw and old school but with a slight metallic touch and sometimes dark and emotional feeling, There are 14 tracks here including covers of Hellkrusher, UBR and Dislike and following the pattern of Blessed Ruins, deliver pure D-beat (Ghostblood Rituals, Hell) but also slower and dark tracks (Slavonian Funeral, Dismal Worship Begins wich also appears in first demo). Lyrics & logo by kktz (guit), artwork by Željko Lučić. All and all this is a honest and nice effort, as good as their frist work, Oh i almost forgot it: This is a DIY effort and considering this, the result is decent. This is currently available only in bandcamp, a cassette release is going to pop up soon. Dnld link is provided by the band



Framtid-Under the ashes + 8 Track ep (Black Konflik,2017)

This is the classic Framtid record, released as cassette by Black Konflik. You know the band,you know the record: Osaka's crust legends Under the ashes stands among the best crust releases of the previous decade and here comes along with the tracks of band's 8 track ep in a high quality pro-cassette. This is sold out from the label, (sorry Aizz, Crust Demos was inactive for long time) but keep your eyes open for a new round of cassette of it or find it in other distros/labels

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Doomed Again/Sarkast-Doomed Sarkast split tape (Desorden, 2017)

Doomed Sarkast is a split of Doomed Again from Greece and Sarkast from Germany, it comes in cassette format and is released by Desörden. Doomed Again are not new here since i have posted their previous works , this split is their fifth release and they just announced the recording of new tracks for an aupcoming ep titled "D-Beat the Bastards". For those who are not familiar with the band, Doomed Again was formed by people who carry a history in noisy, grinding acts such as Head Cleaner, Slaughtergrave, Homo Iratus etc and they deliver old school D-Beat coming straight from the 80's. Here they contribute three tracks and they deliver the goods without reinventing the wheel. Old school worship without the grinding hnts of their early relases. Sarkast come from Bremen, Germoney, birthplace of Carol, Acme, Acid rain Dance etc they are a crust/powerviolence band, and they recently released their first lp, De-Genaration  Here, they offer four songs of crusty powerviolence/hardcore with fast beat and rough shouted vocals. The cassette came out after a long long delay, it includes lyrics and comes in quality shell/cover, well done Mike Desörden! Total running time 11:40".

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