Polis ​Äckel-Security shutdown 7"

Anarchist raw punks Polis ​Äckel strike again with Security Shutdown an eight track 7 inch vinyl, released by Imminent Destruction. For those who are not familiar with the band, Polis ​Äckel come from Marche region near Ancona and Ascoli, they started in late 2014 and their name means "disgust the police", there is a brief interview in Maximum Rock n Roll, you can read it here. Their first cassette Wolrdwide Death Culture was a great shit of raw punk and Security Shutdown follows the same pathway: '8 new tracks of fast, raw and chaotic anger! As furious and nihilistic lyrically as they are musically, following on from where their 10 track demo from last year left off, the intensity is raised further with these new recordings, blending Disclose, Shitlickers, Frigora,Anti Cimex, Maquina Muerta etc' they deliver a sonic chaos, distorted and primitive raw punk simillar to Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Death Dust Extractor, Disease, Life Chain, Disguise and the likes. What makes a difference here is the lyrics: Polis ​Äckel deliver socio-political-anaechist lyrical content instead of the usual anti-war polemic verses calling for social revolt, fiery as their music. As epilogue: This band delivers the goods and is among the best raw punk bands coming out of Italy i can only compare them with Kompott. Security Shutdown is available from Imminent Destruction and also in bandcamp for streaming

Imminent Destruction


Casket Garden-The World Against Its Self

Casket Garden is a crust duo from Tuskan Italy and The World Against Its Self is their second recording after In The Name Of Nobody (posted here). Just like their first work, The World Against Its Self came out in digital format, not any physicial format around. Music wise they continue the same pathway of D-beat crust with metal hints, blending back and death metal with crust and raw punk. Five tracks and nearly fifteen minutes of raw crust. Available in bandcamp



Porvenir Oscuro-Demo 2016

Female fronted chaotic raw punk D-beat from New York, United States. I don't know anything about this band, not any site on the web. Thiis is their demo recorded in 2016, it consists six tracks and delivers nearly eight minutes of primitive and distorted raw punk. Song titles are in spanish.. Apart from the girl who sings,there is another girl who bashes the drum kit. The demo was recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Your Village Studios, it came out as cassette and is available in bandcamp.


Doom-Europe 2016(tape)

Live Europe is a seventeen track tape released by Black Konfik and consists a live recording in Utrecht, Netherlands 09 April 2016 when Doom played there during their European Tour, the tracks were recorded by Erik Minnen. Seventeen od and new songs (you can see the tracklist here,) that bring you the feeling of a Doom's gig. The cassette sold out soon and now there is a repress . There is not any sound sample for this tape, if you wanna listen it you have to get a copy. the cassettes come with free sticker and high quality cover and printing


Cazador-Can I Leave?

this is Cazador from Columbia, South Caroina, United States nd deliver some powerviolence sick madness, the God Liquid demo was posted here some months ago. "Can I Leave?"  is 9 tracks of powerviolence with a hint of noise rock influences. Take Crossed Out if they only listened to Unsane. It was recorded with Roger Caughman from the band Ivadell. Art by @brainkief (instagram username) and Drawing Straws features Alex Strickland from Abacus and Bathe from Columbia. This is a collection of songs regarding the adversities any person shall go through during his or her life. It examines ones failures, the constant forms of judgement they will encounter and the feeling that life will only get worse. You want to leave, but you can't, so all you can do is mourn the fantasy world that you will never get the chance to visit. Available in bandcamp.Tapes will come out soon


Enzyme-Demo 2016

Enzyme hail from Melbourne, Australia and incl. people from Kromosom, Prag Pissichrist, Scab Eater and Unknown to God. The demo cassette was released in 2016 by Distracted By Reality and Brain Solvent Propaganda in 300 pro-printed clear purple tapes with green j-card. There is a European edition by Voice from Inside with clear tapes with labels and white j-card. Music wise Enzyme bring a storm of chaotic, raw and primitive crushercrust. 7 tracks and 8:30" of noize. Nothing less than raw noise.


Mob 47-Sjuk Värld tape

Official re-issue on pro-printed tape by Black Konflik in 2016, originally from Ägg Tapes 1984. 12 songs and nearly 10 minutes of Swedish punk. Each cassette comes with free sticker. "In the spring of 1984 Mob 47 released their EP (just called EP). Some of the songs was also found on the Really Fast Vol.1 compilation.After that, this tape (Sjuk Värld – Sick World) was released on Ägg and Tape records. The recording was made in the Bowlingstudio using a 4 channel porta equipment. Åke is a great bowler and the band had the studio in a bowling alley owned by his parents. You are to expect raw hardcore in maximum speed. (from Swedishpunkzines).