Jæng-Demo 2015

Jæng or JÆNG is a five piece noise act from OLympia Wasinghton, and this is their demo cassette released by Voice from Inside Records. Six tracks and 8:20'' of chaotic D-beat raw punk, fast, noisey and full of distortion and vocals full of reverb, This is a blast of D-beat noise and stands among the top demos for the subgenre for bands who pop up recently. I don't know if the release of Voice from Inside is the first or reissue, Total Negativity distro/label is suggested by the band to US people who want to buy a copy.  For all fans of Totalitar, Discard, Mob47, Ferocious X, Framtid. This is available in bandcamp



Age of Fear-Echoes of a Lost Age demo

Age of Fear come from Los Angeles, United States and Echoes of a Lost Age is their demo recorded and released as cassette in 2014 and here comes again in digital format including a previously unreleased track. This was in a totally DIY spirit: Copies were only made available directly through the band at live shows. Music wise, Echoes of a Lost Age consists of trour tracks and nearly fifteen minutes of melodic crust with metallic influences blending Tragedy and Wolfbrigade with neo-crust bands such as Ekkaia and the likes. All and all this is a good recording with nothing to complain about. There are aggressive riffs,with the appropriate dose of melody, rough vocals and the usual D-beat, sound quality is decent. The band seems to be active playing gigs in local scene. The demo is available in bandcamp



Disflesh-The Toxic Demos tape

Disflesh is the D-beat punk duo from Almeria Spain and its the child of 9mm, born in 2003 and later was joined by B-52, The Toxic Demos is a cassette consisting the songs of The Beginning of the End and Long Live the New Flesh demos from 2007 and 2009, Totally 12 songs and nearly 26 minutes of D-beat crusty noise. All tracks are remixed and remastered with different drum sound (Disflesh use drum machine). The tape was released by Dessorden Records in 2015 and is still available, also available in Disflesh bandcamp. All and all this is a nice piece of raw and aggresive D-beat shit, the sound of guitar is decent,  the vocals are rough, the drum machine is not annoying and fits with the rest instruments. Nice shit, go for it

Desorden fb
Desorden bigcartel


Disease-Neverending War Crimes lp

Disease need no introduction, the best D-beat raw punk band of Balkan hellhole strikes again with Neverending War Crimes, this is the first 12 inch record of these D-beat freaks, released by Rawmantic DisastersCrucificadosBlack Against Night and Grind Your Mind Records in 300 copies (200 black, 100 clear vinyl). The record delivers ten tracks of pure Disclose worship and a dose of chaotic and raging raw punk. Not any novelties, not acoustic intros, not melodic leading parts, just pure noise chords, i bet Kawakami approves this shit as he watches from heaven. By the time i m typing this, the band is on tour in Europe. You can stream the record in bandcamp or order it from the labels. And before the dust of Neverending War Crimes settles, a split 7" with Final Nightmare is on works and will come out soon



Relief-Demo tape 2016

Here is another diamond hidden among the dozens of new bands that pop up in bandcamp everyday: Relief come from Richmond, Virginia and deliver D-beat crust punk reminiscent of Doom in music and vocals.They are another case of obscure band with no any information floating on the web, just a vid here from Punx Picnic in January 2016 in Baltimore. Anyway the demo came out as cassette and is available from the band, (you can cintact them via mail in bandcmamp), it consists of nearly fifteen minutes of D-beat crust punk in the vein of Doom, Hiatus and the likes. even their name comes from a Doom song so what else you expect? even the vocals and the singing style reminds of Doom. oh and what a surpsise, there is a Relief cover here! This is fuckin great and stands among the best demo releases of this year. The cassettes include lyrics. The demo is available in bandcamp



Caustix-Total Noise War tape 2015

Now this is really good piece of D-beat: Caustix hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, they deliver D-beat raw punk,  i searched the web but i didnd't find any info about them, just some gigs they played in. Total Noise War is their debut release which came out in 2015 in 50 copies. Cassette's running time i short, the noise attack has complete the ear mayhem after 6:20", the first song is a little slower as a kind of intro to the upcoming sonic inferno. The rest  three tracks are a hell of noise.and deliver the goods. There's nothing to complain here, the distorted guitar sound, the echo-ed vocals, the bass lines and pummeling D-beat drumming, all create an aggressive and solid piece of raw punk. This stands equal to some well known names. Total Noise War came out in 50 copies on randomly coloured cassettes and is available in bandcamp


Methcharge-st tape

Relentless and chaotic raw noise punk from Richmond, Virginia, United States. This is Methcharge's st tape and brings nearly twelve minutes of noise not music, loud and cacophonous, primitive and ugly as can get. The sound is filthy and raw and production techniques is some kind of luxury and can't be found here. This is more or less a eardrum destroyer. The cassette comes with lyrics in the inlay. The band seems to be active since they recently played in several gigs in their local scene. Available in bandcamp. Said enuff.



Visions of Dystopia-st demo 2014

A few years ago i posted the demo of a band named Visions of Dystopia when someone contributed their demo tracks, link here, the band seemed already defunt and the demo was from 2009 or 2010 or so, A few years later and in 2014 Visions of Dystopia formed again and recorded seven songs incl. two old tracks and unleashed it in bandcamp. The new recording is in the same pathway of fast D-beat crust as their old demo but with much more brutality and better sound quality. The band seems to be inactive again since their farcebook isn't updated for a long time and i didn't find any physical format of demo. even the artwork they used is a picture from they had used for the first demo., looks like there is digital format only  for this.


Vägra-8 tracks demo tape, 2016

Another obscure band with name in Swedish and no any site on internet: Vägra (to refuse, to deny, to withold in Swedish) is a raw punk trio, they come from Gainesville, Florida,United States and this is their debut demo titled 8 tracks demonstration 2016. Just like the band of previous post, there's no any information on the web about them. The demo consists of eight tracks of D-beat raw punk with guitars full of delay and distortion and vocals in reverb. This (probably) came out as cassette and is available only via the band. This is primitive and raw, aggressive and chaotic, having all the elements the subegenre needs to deliver some good noise. You can stream the demo in bandcamp or contact the band for a physical copy, there's not any informaion about date of release, bandcamp says "April 20, 1969"!!!. No need to rant anyore. go listen it.


Apärä-st demo 2015

Time for some outstanding raw punk noise: Apärä (bastard in finnish, not to be confused with the band Apärät) come from the city of Mexico and this is their four track tape, recorded and released in Octomber 2015 by Doomsday Records. I don't know anything about Apärä,the demo is poasted in a couple mexcan punks blogs but not any ifo about the band. Anyway, this must be their first demo and is a blast of noise, chaotic and raging, ear tormenting D-Beat raw punk full of reverb and distortion at its finest. I don't need to put here the list of usual bands they sound alike. The demo lasts nearly nine minutes and its available in bandcamp along with Doomday's other releases, the label probably has physical copies of demo. Lyrics are in spanish and are available in bandcamp as well. Doomsday Records started back in 2010 and they have a shitload or releases under their belt, (there's some great stuff there.). I said enough, this is so fuckin good and deserves some attention, give it a listening and enjoy the noise.



Stupid Karate-st ep

Thse guys seem to have great sence of humor when consider their funny pictures, they come from Lille, France,they are a hardcore punk band and include members and ex-members of Mörse, Menace and Sons Of O'Flaherty here we got their first ep and eight tracks of hardcore/fastcore. incl. a Undertones cover. Available in bandcamp, along with dnld link of ep, lyrics, etc etc



Threskiornis-All Empires Fall

Now prepare for something obscure and unexpectedly good: Threskiornis hail from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia they formed in 2015  they are a five piece band with dual vocals and cello in their crust noize, i didn't find any farcebook page or anything else thats why the obsure thing. All Empires Fall is their first recording, it consists of six tracks and it delivers melodic, dark and melancholic crust, accompinied by the cello parts and with a hint of blackened feeling. The dual vocals make the whole thing more interesting, lyrics are dark and pessimistic too, there are melodic and emotional parts, typically fast crust parts with D-beat driving force in drumming. This is the crust known from bands such Aus Spotten, Oroku and Recreant. This is good, more than expected. Available in bandcamp. There is another band from Sydney named Bædan, playing the same crust and i think they share members.


Exulansis-Demo MMXVI tape 2016

Exulansis is a trio from Oregon and Demo MMXVI is their four track cassette, self-released in 2016 in 100 copies. music wise they deliver Blackened Doom Crust, heavy, slow and emotional with deep low throaty vocals and with fast grinding outbreaks, they are inspired by bands such as His Hero is Gone, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Thou, Neurosis, Exhausted Prayer and Burials. The band has sent some details about the songs: Track 1:Chaos Reigns, deals with human blind destruction and assumed dominance over nature and perceived reality. Sound clip from Lars vin Trier's film "Antichrist". Track 2: Uhtceare, is more metaphorically cryptic and personal, dealing with over coming crippling anxiety, paranoia, delusions, and magick. Track 3: Stain on Silence, is a pessimistic outlook on political debates and discussion and favor on action. The title comes from a quote from Sanuel Beckett "Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. Track 4: Sentience, is an introspective look at overcoming addiction and gaining strength within.The songs are lenghty, Uhtceare and Sentence last over eight minutes each and the demo's running time is over 25 minutes. The cassette is sold out and was for sale only in person, not mail involved hee, The demo is available in bandcamp


Dooie Mus-st demo

Dooie Mus is a 2-piece screamo/emo band from Haarlem (The Netherlands). Dooie Mus litarly means Dead Sparrow in Dutch. It's used in the expresion ‘iemand blij maken met een dooie mus’ (making somebody happy with a dead sparrow) which means making somebody happy with something that turns about to be very disappointing. The band formed in 2016 and started recorded their first demo during the summer, using 2 mics and a computer. I m not in to such kind of music and i can't say its lie this or like that. Some reviews i found say this is for fans of Old Gray, The Pine, Cason Welles, Two Humans, Two Knights, i don't know anything about these bands though, The demo is available in bandcamp



Asmodeus-Life? tape

Named after a king of demons known from the Book of Tobit, Asmodeus is Tokyo's Evil Metallic Stench Crust!!!!  Re-released back from their 1st demo in 2010 onto pro printed cassette version with plus 1 extra track taken from compilation. This demo is more into Antisect of the era of Out from the void! more dark, and ambient sound!.  6 tracks tapes for a fans of Antisect, Deviated Insstinct, Amebix and almighty Axegrinder.  Released by Black Konflik Records, comes with sticker. For fans of heavy metallic stechcore and bands suchs as Hellshock, Misery, Effigy and the likes.



Devious Instinct/Slaktgrav-Neverending War split cdr

This is a split cdr with two bands coming from Greece, Devious Instinct is one man band from Thessaloniki, formed by a guy who also plays/played in Thrinos Aenaos and Noireblood and deliver four tracks of black metallic punk n roll in the vein of Tiger Junkies, Carpathian Forset, Aura Noir, Satyricon and the likes, There are acid shrieking vocals, D-beat drums, some great ideas in guitar work and the sound quality is decent, the lack of this shitty reverb in drum sound would make things excellent but even the way the whole thing came out is worth enough to respect it. Birthtumor is my fav track here. Slaktgrav is the transformation of mincecore freaks Slaughtergrave into a D-beat band, they formed in 2012 and they have several releases under their belt (check here), they appeared in this blog for the Freedom Punker 4 way split, many moons ago. Here they contribute four tracks taken from older recordings and deliver Swedish D-beat hardcore, song titles and lyrics are in Swedish. The split came out as cdr in thin plastic case with great arwork from Jef (Unfit Scum, Helvetin Viemarit) in 50 copies (i think) by  Deathforce Records and nearly twenty minutes total running time.  Give it a listening in youtube

youtube vid


Wildspeaker//Cara Neir-Guilt and His Reflection split tape

Here's a split cassette with two bands coming from Texas, US. Wildspeaker is not new in this blog since their previous works have been postet here, They are a female fronted blackened crust band, deeply in to DIY ethic, Cara Neir come from Texas too, they are a duet and have a shitload of releases under their belt. what they deliver can described as post-black metallic neo-crust or something like that. their sound is unique and interesting. Guilt and His Reflection" has been released on Broken Limbs Recordings as cassette, . According to Natalie from Wildspeaker "The split details the decay of humanity crumbling into itself. This partnership exposes the story of post-civilization sins committed when overwhelmed by desperation". "Guilt and His Reflection is a conceptual full length split between Wildspeaker and Cara Neir. The split details the decay of humanity crumbling into itself. This partnership exposes the story of post-civilization sins committed when desperation overwhelm". "The concept and work behind this split is a little more unconventional than our usual split releases, being that it's a concept fully realized through both bands. Given the runtime and conceptual tie-in, the total package is more like a split full length of Cara Neir & Wildspeaker. The concept itself revolves around cannibalism in a post-apocalyptic scenario; it's not necessarily in a graphic shock value way, but more about the psychological effects of a subject in dire circumstances. He not only resorts and succumbs to it, but experiences a duality of embracing it for survival, yet detesting himself and the world he lives in." - Garry Brents of Cara Neir, (taken from Broken Limb Recordings site)

Wildspeaker bandcamp
Cara Neir bandcamp


Ataraxia-.I Fear what the Future holds tape,2016

Ataraxia come from Ibaraki,.Japan and include current members of  Destruction and former members of  Patronage and Evil Subtitute. I Fear what the Future holds comes as cassette and delivers 7 tracks of Brutal D-Beat Hardcore Crust, 5 tracks taken from the previous demo 'I fear what the future holds' that released in 2014 (self-released), plus 2 unreleased tracks and all remastered in 2016 by the band members. Cassette comes with free sticker. Released by Black Konflik Records  and you can score a copy there. You can stream the five tracks from 2014 in bandcamp.


D-Sagawa-I Want To Die Suffering tape

Female fronted D-beat Raw Punk from Boston, D-Sagawa's cassette is a piece of chaotic raw punk, full of distortion, echo and reverb. Named after Issie Sagawa, a man who murdered a Dutch woman in France and was declared insane, he was deported to Japan and he still lives free now,( thanks to Thrashbang for the info). I Want To Die Suffering consists of five tracks incl, Anti Cimex's Warmachine, nicelly covered. Hell yeah this is the epitome of Raw Punk! check them in bandcamp (lyrics included) or contact them for a copy (if there is any left). This stands among the top releases of noisy  d-beat raw punk, hope to hear more recorded material by them.. said enuff, go  listen them.


Messiahlator-Doom forever

Messiahlator come from the icy cold Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, they are a three men making infernal metal infuenced punk noise and here is their latest piece of it, they active about a decade with a couple of releases under their belt., demo, cassettes and a 10 inch vinyl. Doom Forever consists of four tracks of metal punk with black metal and death metal influences and brutal deep low vocals. This is rather in the crust punk side of things than the metal territiry. Brett (guit) from the band said this came out as seven inch vinyl but i can't dig it anyway on internet,  anyway you can isten it in bandcamp and enjoy the brutaity


Sturmovik-Destination Nowhere cd

Time for some great melodic crust tunes: Sturmovik hail from Poland Poland and inlude members of Wild Bitches and The Dead Goats. Destination Nowhere is their debut cd, released by Selfmadegod Records in 2015, N.I.C re-released it as vinyl in 2016 in 352 copies. This is available in Selfmadegod bandcamp and the label recomments this to fans of Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Genocide SS, Hellshock and Martyrdöd. This is outstanding and incredibly good melodic crust having its roots and influences in the afforementioned bands, i can only compare them with Instinto in matters of quality level. In other words, this is among the 2015 top releases of melodic crust. Destination Nowhere consists of nine songs and last 30 minutes and is available via Selfnadegod,  people from US can geit it via Earsplit Distro


Raza Odiada-Salta La Hijueputa Frontera demo tape 2016

D-beat Raw Punk at it noiziest: Raza Odiada  formed in 2015 with people from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Euskadi (Spain), lockated in Barcelona, Spain.This band its the only one who dedicate to talk about inmigrant situation, against borders, racism and violence in the Barcelona punk moviment. Salta La Hijueputa Frontera consists of eight tracks and lasts over of sixteeen minutes of  pure and chaotic D-beat noise and delivers political verses with not just a few anti war lines in vocalist's shouts or yells. The demo is available in bandcamp, youtube and there is a dnld link provided by the band

dnd link 


Gasm-Menace to tha Earth 7"

Gasm come from Canada and Menace to tha Earth is their new 7" and is going to come out on Byllepest distro in 2017,  Gasm is a hardcore/D-beat band, formed in Montreal, Québec a few years ago and their second demo was posted here about a year ago,  Menace to tha Earth is currently available in bandcamp, it consists of six tracks of angry and pasionate hardcore with raging shouted vocals and D-beat driving force in the rhythm section.


Negative Standards-Fetters LP

Negative Standards come from Oakland they are not new in this blog,  a few years ago i posted their split with Whitehorse (here). Fetters is their new lp folling their I.II.III.IV.V 10 inch and VI.VII.VIII.IX.X.XI lp (both available in bandcamp) and is co-released by Negative Standards Records (band's own label) and Vendetta in Europe. it consists of ten songs named after latin numbers and delivers a blending of crust, hardcore and doom/sludge and create a blackened, dystopic and apocalyptic landscape for the listener. The use of sampes makes the whole thing haunting. the sound quality is excellent and the tuned down crust parts along with the D-beat drums meet the emotional sludge breaks and the anger of hardcore. This is heavy and sick and can get. Fetters came out as cassette in 2015 and vinyl in 2016. Available in bancamp too. There is a great Cvlt nation review, check it here



Haltlose-A Sense of Reality in Crisis

Finnish crusties Haltlose are back with a couple of new songs and expect to release a 12" ep,  for those who are not familiar with the band. this is a Wolfbrigade sound alike crust band and their first releases Questionable Fatherland and Natural are really great works of melodic metallic crust. Their later work named A Sense of Reality in Crisis continues in the same path and same lever of quality and is presented in bandcamp with two tracks available for listening


Amenazas-st one sided flexi

Amenazas hail from Bogota, Colombia and include members of bands such as Future is Black, Amor & Rabia, Anti-Diktatur, Korintto, etc, this is their debut one sided flexi, I didnt find any site or information about them and i don't even know if this flexi is already released since it wasn't out when they contact me, but you can listen it in bandcamp, musicwise this is noisy and raw hardcore punk inspired by Totalitar (this was mentioned by the band).


Room 101-The Endless Drip tape

ok, here we go again after another hiatus, i got some mails from bands who asked me to post their work. i will try to post as many as i can. Anyway here we go: Room 101 come from Cincinnati, Ohio US and The Endless Drip is their debute cassette,  comes in 250 pro-dubbed copies in full-length (28 minutes) with liner notes in the inlay. Music wise the band delivers fast hardcore punk with shouted vocals and interesting lyrics (you can read them in bandcamp and in artwork's inlay sleeve of  of cassette.