Timekiller come from Brazil and Stagnant is their third release after Bleed Out (posted here) and their split with Deaf Kids. The band was formed by people who were in bands such as Deaf Kids, Drone Throne, Prosthetics and Speed Kills and include also a US guy who's currently living in Brazil. "We play a very fuzzed-out and distorted style of hardcore which draws influenced from oldschool speed metal as well as from japanese and scandanavian hardcore". Stagnant consists of six songs of distorted crust and noise punk with echoed vocals, a style familiar to raw punk bands, There are a few hinTs of Motorhead influences but not in the level of previous releases. Not bad at all. This is available in bandcamp along with all Timekiller releases



Kriminal-Demo 2016

"Kriminal is a new Berlin based D-Beat/HC-Punk Band(not really any Crust in here but i think it somehow fits on you Page) with ex and current members of Nocturnal Scum, Instinct of Survival, Countdown to Armageddon, Guided Cradle, Endrophobia,....). Musik is best described as fast HC-Punk influenced by Swedish HC (Totalitär/Anti Cimex)as well as State of Fear and Consume and with occasional RocknRoll Riffs thrown in here and there."
This was the mail i received from Lasesie and more or less describes this demo: Six tracks and ten minutes of filthy D-beat driven punk with crust hints incorporating the hardcore parts of Totalitär and early Anti Cimex with the power and crustcore rage of Consume and State of Fear. This is something different from these guys considerng their past in stenchcore and crust bands. Available in bandcamp.



Instinto-Dimonis lp

Instinto strike again with their second release titled Dimonis after their st lp from 2012(posted here), as you know Instinto include people who are/were involved in bands such as Totälickers, Afganistan Yeye’s, Infäme, Disundead,  Hijxs Taradxs and others. Dimonis comes out as vinyl on a co-operation of labels (Grita o Muere Rec.s, Hysterical Rec.s, Svoboda Rec.s, Guerilla Vinyl, Pandora Rec.s ) and as cassette on Bloodsoaked Records, The record comes with great artwork and consists of eight songs of crust punk incorporating Tragedy and From Ashes Rise with Wolfbrigade there is a high level of quality in everything, from guitar work and melodic lines to rhythm section and from the shouted vocals to the sound quality of recording. There is a metal feeling in guitar and adds some more heaviness, the melodies are emotional, there are some mid paced metallic parts giving air and breath. There is no any weak moment here, not filler songs, the band delivers the crust goods in every song, some times the whole thing reminds me of the old local heroes Etacarinae. All and all this is a great record with nothing to complain about. if you are into the aforementioned bands then walk in, if you are not then walk in too cause this is raging melodic crustat its finest. The band offers the record in bandcamp and staying true to the diy ethics provides a download link for the listener in case the limit of 200 free downloads per month is reached. There is also a youtube vid provided by the band too.