Visions of Dystopia-Demo tracks

Raw D-beat from Berlin, Germany: I don't know any single shit about Visions of Dystopia and there is not any information on the web, these tracks are available for streaming in their myshit and i don't know if this is their complete demo, probably it isn't, (any help is appreciated) but i post it here because i loved this noise from first listening. They seem to exist since 2010 or so, they shared the stage with Instinct of Survival, Totalickers and others but there is no any official release around.
The four songs deliver bashing D-beat drumming, thrashing distorted guitars and angry shouted vocals. This is raw and noisy D-beat as shitty as can get and the appropriate soundtrack for the spicky haired/studded jacket punk who sleeps on the floor with many empty beer bottles around him, Do i need to say more?



Flat Earth Records:The Archive of bloody everything!

Sned Holmes, owner of legendary Flat Earth Records started a blog and posted all Flat Earth releases from the past 25 years with download links and information about many of the records. Brilliant idea and if this is great then read this: All releases come with scans of covers, labels, inserts and booklets. Awesome! Disaffect, Generic, Doom, Cress, Scatha, Electro Hippies and many other legends are there. thanks Sned!


Squalor-Degradation demo 2012

Squalor is a new crust band from southern Finland and Degradation is their first demo recorded a few weeks ago. Unfortunately Urho didn't add some information about them when mailed the demo. Anyway, Degradation brings seven tracks and seven minutes of brutal and noisy crust. The guitar sound is very raw and distorted and along with the brutal growls leads the band close to the grindcore fields. Beat moves fast with some mid paced parts, sound quality is raw. This is noisy, brutal and ear tormenting.
Link is provided by the band. Get it!



Minority Xpose-West (tape,2010)

Minority Xpose is a quartet from Japan and West is their tape released in 2010 by Vox Populi.. I don't know anything about them, not any info on the web and when it pops up in sites like this still not any information so say some shit if you know anything about them.West brings nine songs and thirteen minutes of raw and furious 80's Scandinavian hardcore: Raging punk/hardcore with raw and primitive sound, thrashing guitar, echoed vocals singing in English and Japanese, fast beat with only a few mid tempo parts, D-beat drumming bashing all the time (one song is titled Discharge) and as i said in the previous post, this seems to come straight out of a studio recording made in the early 80's: Raw, aggressive, furious and noisy old school hardcore.
There is the Okayama City hc compilation with  Death Dust Extractor, Disturd and many others and also a band name Minority Xpose, its probably the same band. Anyway no more ranting, go get it.



Dead Reich-Vol 1 Demo tape 2011

Dead Reich deliver some raw D-beat punk from Brooklyn, New York: I don't know anything about them and there is not any site, myspace, facebook or whatever page to give some information so if you know anything just drop some lines. Their demo tape titled Vol 1 was recorded in 2011 and consists of  four songs and approximately seven minutes of raw and thrashing D-beat punk having it's roots in the legacy of Disarm, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers and the likes. The sound is raw and noisy and seems to come straight out of a studio recording made in the early/mid eighties. Great tape, wait for more by them.
No need for more ranting, go get it.


Rötbrains-Discontent (Demo 2012)

Rötbrains come from Istanbul, Turkey and Discontent is their first demo recorded in 2012, they were formed in December '11 in order to to fuse black metal with punk attitude and make their music the flag of their hate .Discontent demo brings five songs and a blending of old school black metal and crust mixing Sarcofago and early Bathory with crust punk, vocals are brutal and lyrics move in the punk fields (anti-nationalism, anti-government, and anti-religion), drum tempos are fast and steady, guitar riffs are sharp with some fast thrashing parts, sound quality is decent. Give 'em a listening and feel the frustration and anger
link is provided by the band.(thanx!)


Desidia-Demo tracks 2012

This is Desidia from Buenos Ayres, Argentina, we first met them when i  posted their demo back in 2009, here we got  two fresh new tracks recorded in 2012 that deliver their heavy and emotional sludge/doom in the vein of Graves at Sea, Corrupted, Neurosis etc. Both tracks are lengthy (total running time over sixteen minutes), Lϊgubre is slow and heavy as unbearable heartache and has some fast parts here  and there and so does Agorafobia / Tumba De Cemento when the slow doomy part is followed by a fast crust outbreak. Good...good.... Sound quality is excellent, vocals are deep low growls and deliver the despair. Grab it and feel the morbid dead end surrounding you, link is provided by the band (R, Gracias and cheers!)


B.D.M.-Revelation 6:12-17 (2012)

The latest release of B.D.M is a sonic journey to the Four Horsemen chapter of Apocalypse: We have met this guy a while ago so there is no need to say anything about him, Revelation 6:12-17 brings the Black Metal/D-Beat blending along with some atmospheric intros and covers of Sweden's depressive black metallers Shinning (which is my favorite song of release) and Disclose (raw D-beat played the B.D.M. way). Ambient tracks were recorded back in 2007, this time the music is more in to the industrial metal territory than the Black Metal or crust fields.
Dnld link is provided by the band (thanx.)



Disfigure-Demo 2009

Disfigure were a short lived three man D-beat band from Atlanta, United States, they formed in 2009 and included people from bands such as In Ruins, Ralph and Die Ficken. as far as i know they recorded this demo that was never officially released and called it a day in 2010, in 2011 they came back for a couple of shows but never recorded any new songs, if you know anything about them just drop some lines. The demo brings seven tracks including Warmachine by Anti Cimex and approximately 8:30" of  what the cover artwork and the Dis-name reveals: D-beat hardcore / crust with the usual three chord riffs, D-beat drumming and lyrics about the usual  for the genre topics such as war, third world genocide etc. This is rough and brutal, sound quality is decent and delivers the goods, unfortunately the didn't continue and this is their only legacy.
No more ranting, go get some dose of D-beat and enjoy it.



Acid Shark-Bombs Away demo 2012

Acid Shark come from Bristol, UK formed by Lee, ex-editor of Zero Tolerance mag and ex-member of Deathsters Mithras as a solo project back in 2005, the solo project slowly turned into a four piece band and in 2011 they had several appearances in gigs around Bristol area.This first demo was recorded in spring '12.
A detailed history can be found in this page in their site. Bombs Away is a three track demo that lasts nearly seven minutes and delivers old school grindcore blended with crust punk: Guitars riffs are fast, intense and metal influenced, drumming is viciously hyper fast reminding Terrorizer and Napalm Death, vocals are yelled/shouted instead the usual grunts/growls and put the band on the border of crust and grind, a kind of Barney's vocals without the distortion/compression filters. In all and all this sounds like a Napalm Death/ Terrorizer influenced crust band. You can score a copy in cheap low price, watch 'em in  Youtube or click a like in their facebook page and if you have singing skills contact them and get the job since the vocalist left the band. Bombs Away is offered for free by the band



Warthreat-Raw Punk and Chaos Noise demo tape 2012

Warthreat D-beat raw punx come from Perth, Australia , we first met them in their demo tape from 2011, Raw Punk and Chaos Noise is their five track tape for their South East Asia tour ( late Feb to early March '12) and delivers nearly eight minutes of what the name of tape says: Raw D-beat punk full of distortion in the vein of almighty Disclose, Confuse, Shitlickers, etc, this is prety much chaotic and noisy with distortion, treble and reverb to the maximum ,two songs are fresh new, two re-recorded and taken from the first demo and the s/t 7" and the tape ends with Conquest of Disclose.
The tape was released by Delussion of Terror, Doombringer Records and Live Fast Die Drunk Records and seems to be still available in several distros around the world (Soap ans Spikes, Doomringer, Crysis and many others) so grab a copy if you like it.Warthreat members were/are also in Suffer, Drowing Horse Ex-Craw and Extortion. Download link is provided by the band, the file includes the artwork.



BDM-Compilation 2012

Some newer recordings by BDM (Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni), the one man blackened crust band from Moscow, Russia: Here we got seven tracks (including a Diabolicum cover), recorded in April and May '12: Black metal with industrial elements, fast drumming,some slower intros, raw sound and screeching vocals spitting antisocial/misanthropic rhymes for nearly sixteen minutes.
Download link is provided by BDM (thanks!)



Post War Depression-st CDr 2010

 Post War Depression come from Karlsruhe, Germany, they started in autumn 2005 as a 3-piece d-beat project and this is their nine track cd-r available for free in soundcloud. PWD include people involved with many bands (Kaos Möngers, I am John Spartan, Tresckow,For Jar Brain/Refleshed, Chaos is..., Ende Oktober, Lost World, the Bone Idles, Ea Schlächta,)  and they are inspired by a variety of artists starting from Slayer, Venom, Mayhem, Minor Threat, Black Sabbath, the Scorpions, Kiss, and the Cure (what?). Their discography includes also the split with Hellborn Messiah co-released by many labels
More details in their myspace, Music wise, PWD bring some crust shit with metallic riffs and blended with hardcore and angry screaming male/female dual vocal attack. That's the best description i can give, some sites say "play anarcho-punk with female/male vocals" while others say about "down-tuned crust", so go on and listen and find what it is.



No Tomorrow-Demo tape 2010

D-beat from Wilmington, North Carolina, United States: No Tomorrow is a quartet "making loud and awful punk music", they started a few years ago and this is their five track demo tape, released in winter of 2010 by Neurotik Organization. The demo comes in black pro tape, the paper sleeve includes lyrics and music wise delivers nearly fifteen minutes of aggressive D-beat crust in the vein of Hiatus, Doom, Nausea, Disgust etc.This seems to be still available so score a copy if you like it.
No Tomorrow discography also includes a fresh new split with Oiltanker on Profane Existence