Viondark-st ep (2012)

Motorcharged Rock 'n Roll!: Viondark is another child in the family of  Lemmy and Motorhead, they come from Brisbane, Australia and this is their three track ep recently released and delivering some songs that could have been recorded by Motorhead during the Ace of Spades recording session. Pure Motorhead worship, nice vocals smelling alcohol, D-beat background in rhythm session, Rock n Roll, booze and fun feeling, There is nothing else to add here, give it listening while having a glass of alcohol and click like in their Facebook, this is available for free in bandcamp



Revengeance - John Q. Citizen Demo Tape 2012

Thrashing guitar riffs, bashing drums, dual vocal attack, wrath and furry: This is Revengeance from Lisboa and Viana do Castelo, Portugal and John Q. Citizen is their demo tape, their discography includes also a split tape with Porto grinders Tinnitus on Degradagem Records. John Q. Citizen delivers eleven songs and nearly thirteen minutes of powerviolenc-esque fastcore with frantic fast drumming, thrashing guitar attack, rough male and shouted punky female attack revealing their thoughts and anger against society and crappy shit of life (well, i guess Amore Pero lyrics will hit the political correctness...). All songs are fast and sometimes faster, only a few slower parts until the next outbreak. Black Flag, Dropdead, Spazz, Negative Approach are among their influence but also Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror and many other bands. The demo tape is available for free in the bandcamp (you can read the lyrics while listening the tracks) and so does their side from the split with Tinnitus. Give it a listening and click a like in their facebook of just say them Olá! or fuck off or whatever. Mdfr dnld link is provided by the band (thanks!)

John Q. Citizen or here
split tape with Tinnitus


A New Dawn-Demo 2012

A New Dawn is a five piece crust act from Southern California and here is their five track recently released and much promising demo. The band is new, they formed in 2012 and this is their first recorded stuff, it starts with an instrumental intro which brings some nice melodic leading guitar parts along with the repeating catchy main riff, the following tracks are heavy and powerful fast  D-beat crust blending Doom, Hiatus and Anti Cimex with some Swedish hardcore hints in the leading guitar that pop up from time to time. All songs are fast with the exception of of the opening track which is mid-paced/less fast and prepares the ground for the upcoming storm and  the slow heavy beginning of Parasite. Rhythm section is heavy pounding, vocals are rough and shouted. Great work that lasts over fifteen minutes and nothing to complain about, i listened this and i felt the same surprise i had with the great work of  Hellcrawer or  Devastated . Well done guys, very promising demo, Thumps Up!. This is offered for free in bandcamp and they also have a facebook page, click a like and make them happy. I wish they  continue and soon to listen more recorded stuff by them.


Displode-The face of war ep (2012)

Displode hail from France and is "...only an one man tribute band to keep alive the tradition of the Disnoise, essentially influenced by:Disclose, Discharge, Discard, Disprove, Disarm, Shitlickers, Disaster, Agoni". These words by  the band describe perfectly The Face Of War tracks which are the Displode side for the split ep with Dispose from Sweden: Raw and noisy D-beat with fuzzy and distorted guitar and bass, angry and rough vocals and the usual lyrical topics paying homage to Disclose and the aforementioned bands. Songs are fast and short, the sound is raw and and filthy, lyrics and surprisingly guitar tabs(!) are printed inside, the ep is a co-release of SMYT Records, Reset Not Equal Zero Records and Crucificados Pelo Sistema Records and is going to come out in May 2012. Future Displode  releases are the splits 7"'s with Conclude and Dudman (Jp).
Dwnld link is provided by SMYT and Dispode, thanx Gis and cheers!



Instinct Hate-Vivendo o Caos demo 2012

Chaotic grinding noise from Sao Paolo, Brazil: Instinct Hate formed in 2011 with the intention of making a raw and aggressive sound, influenced by grindcore / crust / death metal, at the end of that year released the demo 'Vivendo o Caos'".  The demo consists of six songs of chaotic noise and a mixture of grindcore, (death ) metal and punk. The recording is raw and chaotic, vocals are rough and brutal and the drum beat  sometimes reaches supersonic speed (check Gananciosos) and works nicely with the insane thrashing riffs, the whole chaos lasts six minutes and 30 secs, listen it for tour ear drum pleasure, link is provided by the band (thanx!).


Zhulong-Live Demo'12

Crust from Kazakhstan:"We're the young crust punk/d-beat band from the Almaty, Kazakhstan (it is the Mid East). Formed in the beginning of 2012 by the members of Plastic Army (modern hardcore, Almaty) and Diary (hardcore/neocrust, Almaty)". The demo brings you three tracks and nearly nine minutes of crust punk. No any review bullshit rant here. Considering the place they come from, these guys deserve many thumps up, give the demo a listening, its much better than you expect.



Void Forger-Ruined demo 2012

This is from their Lastfm: Void Forger is a Romanian band from Bucharest playing a mix of sludge, crust and black metal formed in 2011. Its three members are originally from Bacau, Romania, but have relocated to Bucharest for studies. There they have done a few jams with different band members, the ones from 2010 leading to the ideas approached by the current band, old school down tempo harshly distorted music with hints of speed, screamed vocals and with a dark and nihilistic sound. The lyrics are inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian themes, fantasy and social issues. In early April 2012 they released a 3-song demo, Ruined, which is free to download.
The demo delivers three lengthy songs, music wise there is a mixture of doom and sludge with some black metal and crust hints: Slow and mid-paced tempos, slow and heavy guitar riffs and bass lines, deep dark low throaty vocals and genre and beat changes keep the whole thing interesting: From mid paced crust outbreaks to the pessimistic doom/sludge parts. As conclusion, the whole demo is interesting and fans of doom/sludge/dark hardcore will like it, since it reached the 200 downloads per month (is this a proof of being a interesting demo or not?) the band uploaded in mediafire, enjoy it!

bandcamp there
mediafire here


Teething-st 7" (2012)

Metal with punk attitude is a great combination and that's what you got here: The band with the unusual name and cover artwork Teething come from Madrid, Spain, they started in summer 2011 and include people who were previously in The Marriage, Another Kind of Death or Dellamorte Dellamore, this 7" is their first official release after their two track contribution in Guilty of Being DIY comp, it came out limited to 250 copies and hand made DIY packaging on Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, Odio Sonoro and Nooirax Producciones and it delivers six songs and a blending of metal, crust and hardcore in the vein of Converge and Integrity, sound quality is excellent. The sub-genre is not my cup of tea, but the ep is interesting and its nice to see metal bands follow the DIY pathway. This is offered for free in their bandcamp. Thanks to the band and apologies for the delay.



Dismaster-No Gods but Dismaster demo tape 2012

I won't rant much about Dismaster since Mike of Fifteen Counts.. more or less said everything that could be said: No gods but masters is a seven track tape delivering ten minutes of D-beat with a Motorhead feeling and a vocalist who sounds like a Japanese hardcore band singer. Great work here, fast and steady acid D-beat hardcore full of wrath. The tape was released by Vlad Tapes and sold out in three weeks, Truth Decay Tapes is going to release the US edition. Apart from this tape there is the four track Live at Hässäkkä​-​päivät from 2011. give both one (or maybe more) listening(s)!, Sami thanks for sending this, cheers!


Våldsamt Motstånd-Demo promo 2012

Våldsamt Motstånd from Karlstad, Sweden sent this four tracks Promo demo (thank you guys) which is their forth demo after Lagen om alltings jävlighet, Högre tempo - djupare graver and Wermland which was posted in Crust Demos some months ago. The new Promo lasts over fourteen minutes and consists of four tracks, two of these are lengthy and last over four minutes each, Curse and Godnatt Tellus are slow/ mid paced and emotional with a pessimistic doomy/stenchcore feeling in the vein of Normal from Wermland demo while Judas and När de döda reser sig are faster with some slower breaks but without reaching the brutality, the speed and the in-your-face-feeling of Wermland or the previous demos. Thanks to the band for sending this, skål


Dismami-tape 2011

The artwork is all the money here: A grim glanced Mother Teresa wearing a bullet belt and probably a lethal weapon is hidden in her hands: I don't know anything about Dismami, there is no any site, blog, whatever that could give some information about them but these tracks uploaded on Soundcloud and this info: "2011 - 2012, We split up,thanx for everything". They were from Switzerland and these tracks were probably recorded sometime in 2011, if you know anything about them just write some lines here. The tape brings nine pieces of D-beat hardcore including a Disrupt cover, give it a listening :), oh the same picture of Mother Teresa but in black metal way was used by the Californian crusties Black Hole of Calcutta.


Words-tape 2012

Words is a three man act from the mega city Mexico and this is their seven track ep released on tape format in January 2012. The band exists since 2010 and shared the stage with Antimaster, Eskatologia, Inservibles, Dave Phillips (ex Fear of God) and La URSS (Spain). Musically they bring a mixture of sludge with heavy crust/stenchcore/hardcore passages to pop up here and there all the time. Vocals are rough and shouted, guitar is thick and heavy and creates the sludge-y feeling even in the faster parts. I m not into the doom/sludge genre to say they sound like this or like that but i find their slow parts interesting.
Find them in facebook and tweeter, visit their blog and get the tape for free in their bandcamp.



Crutches-Demo tape 2012

My apologies for the delay to the bands who sent their demo, there is no much free time lately and things in my country are shitty as can get. Anyway here's Cruthes from Malmö, Sweden and their fresh new five track demo tape: Crutches were born from the ashes of Project Hopeless: "in the beginning of 2010, when Jallas, from SSH, came in to the picture to form a new constellation together with Tom and Oskar along with the mad punk and anti-authoritarian behavior in the "Scam everything"-collective. Later on Pancho joined the band to put Oskar strictly on vocals. Some time passed without anything new, partly due to Toms jail sentence. Even though drums were recorded for the demo recording, problems in the logistics became the reason why we did not manage finish the recording. We had to make some changes since Pancho couldn't make the band because of living in the countryside. Therefore we decided to recruit Andreas to play the guitar around June, 2011. Now we've finally released five songs on a demo tape with four tracks from our dear friends on the b-side. Stay tuned for some more violent crushing A//E political d-beat madness straight out of Norragränges Malmö, Sweden! ", i just have to add here that Andreas (guit) is the person behind Folkzine. Music wise the tape delivers d-beat crust full of wrath and power for nearly nine minutes, vocals are yelled/screamed, some backing vocals pop up here and there and as expected beat is fast and steady, sound is raw and delivers the energy of band, in b side you will find some songs from bands that are Crutches friends (Contorture,Sepsis, Freedom and Crimen), the demo package includes "a booklet containing photos and lyrics and a poster. All wrapped in a black zip-lock bag with a sticker on it."
I ranted too much go get it from bandcamp, D-BEAT KRIGET ÄR HÄR!!!!



Disflesh-upcoming lp

No free time for blogging lately but finally an update: Almeria's D-beat freaks Disflesh uploaded twelve songs from their upcoming lp on bandcamp for your listening pleasure. some of you maybe already met the amazing vid of Riding the Apocalypse. Here you got the familiar D-beat in the vein of Long Live The New Flesh and The Beginning of the End demos since they seem to left behind the black metal elements of Warmageddon. Song #7 (Genocidio) is IV Reich cover, i don't need to say anything else, go and listen it, no download link here, just streaming