i discovered this bandcamp page but i thought it must be a guy who uploaded some Warvictims releases for fun or whatever but i was wrong: Warvictims after their myspace and the D-takt & Råpunk Records blog now have a new site and a bandcamp where you can find everything they released so far: Of course all d-beat raw punk audiophiles have downloaded something from Warvictims in the past but here is the stuff offered by the band, 20 releases from their early ep's to the latest ones. I don't have to say anything else, go and pillage it!. To the band:thank you guys! you are cool persons! skål!!!
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Versklaven-Demo tape 2011

This is the demo tape of Vesklaven from Austin,Tx, United States, they are a female fronted crust band, they include people from Dissent, Vivisect, War Master, Delta Block and their name means "to enslave" in German language. The demo tape consists of five tracks plus four live recorded at Houston Free Thinkers Party, this is basically metallic hardcore/crust influenced by Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, Sacrilege (they cover Life Line) and Antisect, the sound quality is very very raw, actually they sound like a raw punk band playing metallic crust. tape was released by Fermented Chaos, copies are still available, dlnld link is provided by Ivan the guy behind the label,(thanks again!). Versklaven are going to east cost tour with Abduktion this summer, support them when they come to your town.



Pololtia Micpetlacalli-2012 ep

Another release of Pololtia Micpetlacalli, Alexander's Experimental Raw Black Metal/Folk/ Dark Ambient one man project from Peru. I have posted his two demos here and you have an idea of what you get, here we have a one track ep that lasts eighteen minutes long: After a tribal/ambient-ish emotional intro there come some raw black metal outbreaks with wicked high pitched black metal vocals and followed by atmospheric emotional parts with narratives and this repeats again and again till the end, once again the lyrics are basically in nahuatl but this time some parts are in Spanish. As it is known there is no any music instrument here except the percussion (and the Incas pan pipe or whatever is this flute sound), i don't know how he created this black metal guitar sound but he did it well and its obvious he worked on the track much more than he did in his previous recordings.



Assbrigade-Demo cd-r 2012

Here's a brigade of D-beat asses from Duluth, Minneapolis U.S.: Assbrigade is a trio and existed under different names in the past, this is their fresh new demo cd-r recorded a few weeks ago. Music wise, it brings nine songs and absolute D-beat noise with distorted guitars, Kawakami styled shouted vocals, raw sound quality and a lot of alcohol in their veins. Noise, noise, noise and nothing less than this. This is going to come out in tape format too and currently is available for free in the bandcamp. Enjoy it while drinking a (some) beer(s), cheers!



Semen-Masas Obedientes Individuos Dominantes demo tape 2009

How the hell i forgot this? my sincere apologies to txus and i apologize for this long long delay: Semen are from Spain and Masas Obedientes Individuos Dominantes is their eight track demo tape from 2009 delivering rough and angry D-beat anarco-hardcore with shouted vocals and the usual for the genre drumming and guitar riffing. As expected, the songs are fast and steady and each hardly lasts over a minute, the total running time is ten minutes, the sound is raw, rough and heavy, they cover a Destruccion song, the singer shouts in Spanish, the tape includes a booklet. I don't know if they recorded anything after this tape or even if they exist as a band.



Wretched of the Earth-Demo tape 2012

Wretched of the Earth come from Portland and include people from A//Political, Machine Gun Congress, Deterrorformed, Weekend Warrior and Squalora. This demo is a great recording, it was recorded in autumn 2011 and released in March '12 and it consists of six tracks of crust with metal influences: Powerful screamed vocals sometimes reminding of Bitty of Wartorn, heavy pounding bass, metal edged riffs with great leading parts and nice melodies, acoustic intros, many beat changes, fast outbreaks and slower/mid-paced epic/emotional parts and excellent sound quality in the level of official release. They remind a combination of Appalachian Terror Unit, Remains of the Day and Oroku in the darkening emotional parts, songs are lengthy and the demo lasts over thirty minutes. This is so great and beyond my expectations, honestly i didn't expect it so great, just listen it. I didn't see any band site except their bandcamp where they offer the demo for free and along with the mp3's you have the lyrics (great work too, "the tyranny of poisoned apathy of consumer bliss traded in blood"), if you know anything about them just drop a few words here and fill the blank lines. You can buy a copy from Tomorrow Belongs to Us distro/label/zine and in the package you will find a twelve page booklet with lyrics. The great news come from Yellow Dog: Vinyl release of demo,limited to 300 copies, screen printed cover and colored vinyl,comes out in April '12.
Wretched of the Earth was the Frantz Fanon's most famous work, written during and regarding the Algerian struggle for independence from colonial rule, that's why the anti-colonial D-beat in band's description



Contorture-Demo 2010

D-Beat crust all girl band from Sweden: Contorture send their greetings from Göteborg, they formed in autumn of 2009 and in summer of 2010 they released this six track demo on cd-r format and that year they appeared in Punk Illegal, there is an interview in No Te Calles zine so you can have an idea about them if you haven't any. Anyway, here you have nearly nine minutes of noisy, fast and distorted D-beat with rough angry vocals reminding of early Harum Scarum. This is available for free in their bandcamp, the band is currently working on their first lp and are going to tour in central Europe in next summer.



Weald-Demo 2011

Weald is a four piece act from Connecticut and in their four track demo they deliver doomy stenchcore crust, the tracks were recorded in 2011 and a tape format of demo is going to come out soon. Music wise this is heavy slow, mid-paced and sometimes fast doomy stenchcore, heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower and follows the path of Stormcrow, Sanctum such acts , the first track with it's emotional riff reminds me of Greek crusties Nuclear Winter, the Bolt Thrower feeling is always there in the slow parts (with some great riffs and leading parts delivered) while in their faster moments they sound like Hellshock or Misery. The demo lasts fifteen minutes, the sound quality is excellent. This is available for free in their bandcamp but don't hesitate to score a copy when it come out: "This is a bleak age, a violent age, an age of greed and pollution. It is an age of war and death and of the Earth's demise. This, the dying time, is the age of Weald".



None of the Living Remain-Grim to the Brim (2012, self-released)

None of the Living Remain is a quartet from southern California and deliver heavy brutal horror themed crust, they formed in 2009 and Grim to the Brim is their first release, recorded, produced and released the DIY way. This is heavy stenchcore crust with deep low rough vocals, punk riffs with metal heaviness and fast/mid paced beats. Imagine Bolt Thrower play the songs of Nuclear Death Terror, then add some leading guitar parts here and there and you have None of the Living Remain. The sound quality is excellent, lyric wise they step in the metal territories since they are inspired by horror and fantasy movies and books and occult stuff instead the usual punk socio/political polemic. There are 36 minutes and fourteen tracks including a shortened cover of Transilvanian Hunger. Nice work! As i said the band has four members including a girl handling drums duties, Grim to the Brim (mp3's and lyrics) is available for free in their bandcamp or just click the download link here provided by the band (thanx Kurt!).



Abduktion-Demo tape 2011

Oh yeah, i loved this shit, here we got something really good and a nice surprise for your ears: Abducktion hail from Houston Texas, US and bring you absolute Shitlickers/Anti Cimex/Disarm worship: Trashing three chord riffs, d-beat drumming and shouted vocals (in both English and Spanish) paying homage of over of thirteen minutes to the aforementioned bands and the Swedish scene of '80's. Is there anyone who don't like Shitlickers or Anti Cimex? there will be none who's going to dislike this. Hands down, this is a killer demo.This is the second pressing of the demo released by the Houston based label Fermented Chaos, the tape comes in red, blue and yellow paper and is still available so go grab a copy while you still can. Download link is provided by the label (thanks Ivan, this is a great demo and i m waiting for the Versklaven tracks), Abduktion are going to tour U.S.'s east coast this summer with Versklaven (from Houston too), check em when they come to your town.


Crutch-st tape 2012

This is chaotic raw hardcore/punk from Amherst, Massachusetts, United States, this is Crutch and this is their eight track demo recorded in February '12, which is going to be released on tape format on California based label Exquisite Morbidity. Here you got eight tracks and eight minutes of loud noisy and primitive hardcore delivering short songs with fast parts, mid paced breaks, angry shouted vocals and distorted guitar. This is available for free in the bandcamp page (mp3's and lyrics) and also Max sent a download link (thanks dude! your facebook page seems dead though or you sent wrong link)



Hatross-Echoes of war tape 2011

Hatröss hail from Bogota, Colombia and deliver a tape full of crust/D-beat aggression: The band formed in 2009 by people who were already active in other bands, Echoes of War was originally produced on tape format in 2010 and in 2011 the tracks were re-recorded. So far the discography of band is Echoes of War tape, and contributions in D-beat hasta ke te sangren los oídos comp and South American Hardcore Straight Edge My Ass four way split with Life and Death, Agresor and Toke de Keda and the Crush the Terror of the Skies split with Odio Eterno from Costa Rica. Music wise, Echoes of War starts with a battle field sound sample under the music carpet of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries and follows with six tracks of D-beat/crust in the tradition of Latin America raw Anarcho-punk bands with angry rough vocals and raw guitar sound and hints of old school black metal (Hellhammer, Venom etc) that delivers the goods. As expected, tape cover artwork is war themed and in the black and white D-beat tradition, lyrics are included and are inspired by the horrible side of the things inspired by war, violence and hatred. I don’t have to say anything else go get it and listen it, check their myspace, Reverbnation, facebook and tumblr page. Download link is provided by the band (thanx David and cheers!)



Disthory-Perfidia y Óbito demo 2012

When a band is Dis named we all expect another Discharge/Disclose influenced band, when the name comes from Discharge and Bathory then you should expect some Bathory influences in the typical D-beat, right? yes that's what we got here: Disthory (great name!) is one man Black Metal/Crust Punk band from Chile, formed by Karthagoat (who is also vocalist/guitarist in the Speed Metal/Punk band Hatecharged, the band was formed in 2012, Perfidia y Óbito (Treachery and Death) is the first demo and deliver twelve songs including covers of Anti Cimex, Discharge, Bad Religion and Destrucciσn. As expected this is D-beat worship (Anti Cimex, Discharge) with black metal influences (Bathory,Darkthrone) and sometimes it reminds Disflesh (Warmaggedon era), the cover songs are well played (Never Again and When the Innocent Die are great covers), a couple of tracks seem to come from different sessions since the production is slightly different. This is a nice demo and worth to give a listening. There is no any band site, you can contact Karthagoat via mail at Windir (at) live (dot) cl, download link includes lyrics (in Spanish) and is provided by the band (thanks B. and cheers!)



Warkrusher-Demo 2011

This is brutal grindcore/crust: Warkrusher is a four piece grind influenced crust act from United States and Mexico (San Diego and Tijuana) and this is their seven track demo recorded in 2011, i know that the words "brutal" and "chaotic" are very common when you have to describe such stuff but that's what you got here: Brutal chaos and over of sixteen minutes of noise. Distorted vocals, chaotic guitars, fast tempos, breaks and slower tempos, a raw sonic hell nicely delivered and balancing on the border that separates grindcore and crust and not buried under a noise wall of a million drum beats per minute. The band is going to record a new demo with all the songs re recorded and new songs as well. Dnld link is provided by the band (Thanx Miguel and cheers!)


Moribund Scum-Live demo 2011

Moribund Scum come from Braunschweig, Germany, they formed in winter 2010 and here is their live demo recorded sometime in 2011. Music wise, its a little difficult to classify them as a metal or crust band since they walk in both territories thrash metal and crust, sometimes they sound like an old school thrash metal band and sometimes like a metallic crust band in the vein of Extinction of Mankind (they cover Without Consent), imagine a metal thrashing version of Extinction of Mankind with a few hints of D-beat here and there and you have these guys, even the vocals remind me of Ste. The recording is live recorded at Nexus, the sound is raw and there are seven tracks that last over 26 minutes. They are about to do some proper recordings in the next months. Download link is provided by the band (thanks Ross and cheers!)



Hello Bastards/Jagernaut-split tape 2012

Here is the split tape with the political punks Hello Bastards coming from several places of world and based in London, UK and the greek grinding crusties Jagernaut: I posted the Uprising demo of sXe/vegan punks Hello Bastards many moons ago ( there),check it to get an idea or visit their site for more, here they contribute thirteen songs of furious fastcore with angry shouted vocals spitting political messages and hyper-speeding drums, all songs are fast and short and only a few last over a minute. Jagernaut deliver brutal grinding crustcore with throaty vokills, thrashing guitar riffs and fast drumming reminding early Extreme Noise Terror, they include people involved with Kalazaar, Asphyxia, etc and bring a six track sonic and lyrical journey into the nightmare of a post apocalyptic world,the intro sample is the perfect threshold to their Apocalyptic crustcore mayhem. The split comes in green pro tapes in 200 copies and was released by a bunch of labels and distros, (Scullcrasher, Noise Attack, Alcoholic Disaster,), the cover made by Jerboa folds out and includes lyrics. This is offered for free in bandcamp but also available from the labels, buy a copy and support DIY scene. Wait for their next assault, the split 7" with Terlarang from Malaysia.


Jeremias El Harkore - Globalization is death ep 2011

Jeremias El Harkore come from Buenos Aires, Argentina, i don't know anything about them so in case you know any shit just fill the blank lines, there is no myspace and their fb hasn't any information. Globalization brings nearly thirteen minutes of heavy hardcore with hints of grindcore, metal and crust and the brutal growling vocals deliver political messages. This is brutal and heavy as hell and in any case this is interesting and delivers the goods. Give it a listening, thanks to Alvaro for this, cheers!



Costanza-demo tape 2009

This is Costanza and not Costanzo: Here we have a now defunct band from Portland, OR, inspired and named after George Costanza (and not Franco Costanzo), yes its the guy you see on the cover. This demo tape was recorded in 2009 and brings nine tracks and less than nine minutes of ferocious and raw hardcore, honestly i didn't expect it to deliver such wrath and anger, maybe it was the funny song titles, the character of Costanza as inspiration or whatever, the truth is this tape is really good and delivers a sonic inferno, the sound is raw and samples with George Costanza's voice pop up all the time. The band never recorded any official release and unfortunately behind the funny and lighthearted attitude and band profile there is a tragedy: Two members are dead... Anyway, go and give a listening to these forgotten kids. James, thanks for the demo and i apologize for the delay, cheers!


Hellcharger-Demo 2011

Morbid Black D-beat: Yes,this said it all: This is a blending of Discharge's D-beat and old old black metal of Hellhamer, Venom and Bathory. Hellcharger is a quartet from Monterrey, Mexico, they formed in 2011 and members are/were also in Disfuture, Headshot, Pandemonium666 and Treponel Pal. This is their promo demo which just came out on tape format by Nuclear Nightmare in only 66 copies. Here you got five tracks and thirteen minutes of the drunk D-beat of Discharge and Inepsy blended with the raw proto black metal of Hellhammer and Bathory and Motorhead's spirit in a hellish mixture smelling alcohol and hate. There is nothing else to add here, you can listen the demo in their Reverbnation or click below, the link was found in Last.fm