Ceaseless Desolation-Demo 2011

Polish crust punk scene has brought some great acts (Infekcja, Filth of Mankind, Sanctus Iuda, Lost, etc) and Ceaseless Desolation seem to be another worth to mention band of this scene: They formed in 2009 and this demo was recorded in March 2011, a cd version of it is released by Blindman Melodies in 100 copies. Here you got five tracks and nearly 19 minutes of crust aggression: Honestly, i was expecting something close to Nuclear Death Terror because of the name but similarities end in name and heaviness: Music wise there is a blending of crust and stenchcore with some black metal hints popping up and take off crust to the raw brutality of black metal (check Dwunożna Autodestrukcja or the ending part of Ucieczka), the the sound quality delivers the goods, the songs are lengthy and fast paced with a few slower doomy parts, vocals are rough in the usual crust way, lyrics are in Polish and deal with "nihilistic and depressive topics, and beside some personal issues, about individual freedoms and thoughts on the conditions of the contemporary society". This is heavy and hell, i wish only there was translation of lyrics in their ReverbNation (babelfish sucks!), you can order a copy from Blindman Melodies or listen and download the demo in their Reverbnation or just click the link below (thanks Mark and cheers!)



Devastated-Demo 2011

I know only a handful of bands from Slovenia and most of them are fuckin great: Devastated is one of these, they come from Ilirska Bistrica,(yes,you know the place from Pissed, Robbed and Twatted 7") and this is their five track demo released in summer '11. I don't know anything about them and their myspace is invalid link, all i know is their European tour with Human Host Body in 2001. Anyway, the demo bring five tracks and fifteen minutes of crusty flavored hardcore full of energy: Vocals are rough, the double guitar attack brings catchy riffs with metal hints and some great leading guitar parts popping up all the time, there are some epic acoustic intros, beat is fast and steady and the sound quality is great, the artwork fits nicely with the music. This is available for free in their bandcamp, they say this was released in 2016(!) but they probably mean 2011. Ok, this is it, no more useless ranting,go listen it and get it!



The Impalers-Demo 2010

With a name like that and the drawing in the first picture you expect a raw and extreme black metal act but believe me, their only connection with black metal is the Venom hints that echo in their D-beat/Motorhead blending: The Impalers come from Austin, Texas, United States and is a duet formed by people of Mammoth Grinder, Deskonocidos, Criaturas and Hatred Surge, this is their five track demo recorded in 2010, in May '11 they released their ep on Todo Destruido. The demo came out in 100 green, red etc pro copies in tape format, it sold out and a second press came out on Nuclear Solution Records. The black metal drawing appears as tape cover too (check here, is this the second pressing?)Music wise brings nearly ten minutes of Motorhead-ish D-beat, songs are fast with catchy riffs and more or less move in the same speed with the exception of Return to Eden which is slower, some guitar solos pop up, the vocals are rough and as i said the whole thing smells Motorhead, Discharge, Venom and Dark Throne, good D-beat in drunk rock n roll mood.
Dnld link is blatantly stolen from Play it Loud blog



Morality Crisis-North ep (2011)

Morality Crisis come from Minneapolis/St. Paul, they formed in 2003 and broke up in 2006, i don't know much about them, Love and Passion ep was released in 2005, North is the offspring of their their comeback in 2011, recorded in January 2012 and not released as a physical release (not yet), but the tracks are available for downloading in bandcamp. The ep brings nearly fifteen minutes of hard hitting post screamo hardcore mixed with Sludge and metal with a plenty of breaks and beat changes in the songs and a blending of clear vocals with brutal growls or angry screams. Sleep, Crowbar,Converge and Karp are some of their influences (can i add Raein or Anomie here?), there are times that the riffs are emotional and heavy and then followed by faster parts and brutal outbreaks, not boring moments here, just high intense music all the time



Empire of Lies-Demo 2010

Grinders metal punks making noise: Empire of Lies come from Quetetano, Mexico and deliver brutal grindcore: They formed in 2007 and include people involved with local bands and the anarcho/vegetarian/animal right movement, there's a lot of information in their facebook page but babel fish can't give me any help. The demo was released in 2010 and bring four tracks and ten minutes of grinding noise. As expected this is heavy and brutal, A cover of A for Arrogance of Agathocles is included. Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Regurgitate and other brutal acts are mentioned as their inspiration, the intro track is a mid paced introduction to the grinding mayhem which is fast and close to aforementioned bands, there are some slower parts followed by fast outbreaks of noise and metal guitar riffs. Brutal! The link is provided by the band.



Dra Åt Helvete-Demo 2010

The spirit of Bombanfall rose from the grave and inspired there three punks to record this little piece of shit of four tracks of raging hardcore reminding Bombanfall (in both music and singing) in some raw recordings forgotten in a dark cellar. Four tracks, all fast, furious and primitive hardcore with a slight hint of Black metal with angry shouted vocals and raw guitar. This is short and fast but great enough to give a wasted listening especially if you are nostalgic to Bombanfall or early Extreme Noise Terror. Oh i almost forgot it: Their name is great! (even Vision of War named a song Dra Åt Helvete in Shit Parade)The demo is free for downloading in their bandcamp. Det här är inte bra Är det så här det ska va? Alla kan fan Dra åt Helvete!!! (dedicated to 199, Greek punks know what i mean)



War Master-Demo tape 2010

Absolute Bolt Thrower worship here and a break from crust and D-beat: War Master is a five piece death metal act from Texas US, heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower and include members of Dissent and Insect Warfare. Their first recording was Chapel of the Apocalypse demo tape which was followed by Throne of Tyranny 7". The 2010 tape is their second demo and Pyramid of the Necropolis is their last and recent release.The tape was released by Torture Garden in 200 hand numbered pro-printed white shell cassette copies and according to label's page is sold out, it delivers three tracksincluding a low end driven death metal version of Sepultura's Troops of Doom. Troops of Doom is the fast track of demo since Mass Cremation and Cult of Greed (hey! remember BT's Dying Creed) are much slower (both track appear in Pyramid of Necropolis). The whole shit is heavy and hell with tuned down bass and double guitar attack and deep low vocal Armageddon, if Bolt Thrower were around releasing a new record it would probably sound like War Master.



Livstid-st cd 2011

Livstid come from Bergen, Norway and this is their eponymous cd released in autumn '11. They formed in 2006 and so far they released a split 7" w Passiv Dödshjälp (2006,Halvfabrikat Records,Anarkopunx Records) a spit w Human Error (2010 on a bunch of labels), the Kriminell mp3 release on Moshpit Tragedy and appeared in Extreme Obscene '09. The eponymous cd is not a demo but an official release on Fysisk Format, Lukket Avdeling and Nakkeskudd Plater and delivers 14 tracks and nearly 30 minutes of a raging mixture of crusty flavored hardcore with Swedish death metal (and even old school grindcore) and D-beat. This is brutal as hell: Vocals are rough screams/yells, songs are fast and short, the double guitar attack brings fast riff works and the whole thing reminds of Radioskugga, Passiv Dödshjälp, Fredag Den 13e and such extreme D-beat influenced acts, imagine Bombstrike adding some metallic leading guitar parts in their aggressive crust and you got Livstid. You can listen the cd in band's bandcamp or get it here. Dnld link is provided by the band (thanks Kikken and Cheers!)



Distrabe-Gratis!!! cdr (2011, Killer Pandereta)

Distrabe come from Barcelona, Spain and Gratis!!! is their cdr which consists of eleven tracks of (with name and logo like these what you expect?) chaotic punk D-beat released in 2011. There is some information on their site but i can't understand much of it, he band formed in 2010, members weer involved with Mozas Necias, Mördare and others. Gratis!!! (Free) was released by the DIY label Killer Pandereta Records and delivers fast, raw and chaotic D-beat punk in sixteen minutes of endless feedback of noise with angry shouted vocals in Spanish, including covers of Crow, HHH, Destruccion and RIP. Link is provided by the band



Krigblåst-Demo tracks 2012

I really get confused when i see bands mix Gothic font lettering and emblems such as eagles, hawks, lions and such stuff (or even when they use a name in German), in the back of my mind this combination is related with nazi or extreme right wing wankin' bands or aristocrat high class parasite families of past centuries. But then we all have got used of Wolfbrigade and their logo and probably some other bands that i m just forgeting right now use the same combination so this is no big deal. Anyway, after this useless intro lets get Krigblåst (Wind of War in Swedish) the new band of Phobia's vocalist and founding member Shane "the pain" McLachlan, these three tracks are demo recording uploaded in their Reverbnation page and free for downloading. Shane plays the bass and has second vocals duties, his band delivers a great blending of metal hints with the melodic leading guitar and even epic parts of Wolfbrigade, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, vocals are shouted and rough, beat is fast and steady. the second artwork which is in the usual crust pathway was made by Maja Jakovljevic, Watch Them Die is my favorite track, the whole thing kicks ass and delivers the goods. Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Darkthrone and melodic crust fans give it a listening, this is for you!

Watch them die
The Lies
Cut Through


Shade of Mankind-Fall out demo 2011

Shade of Mankind is one man crust band and its the project of Roderick Hellion from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Fall out is his first demo ep consisting of seven tracks and fifteen minutes of heavy crust blending Doom and Disrupt with some death metal and grindcore hints. Bass and guitar are heavy, thick and distorted, drums pace is fast but not chaotic and vocals are brutal growls reminding me of Oscar Garcia, the lyrics are pessimistic and sarcastic and darken the already gloomy music (you can read the lyrics in SoM ReverbNation page) Some death metal and grindocre hints pop up here and there and make the whole thing heavier and apocalyptic. Roderick offers the demo for free and he is in the process of making Shade of Mankind's first full length, you can have a first listening of it by listening the covers of Cro-Mags, Eyehategod and Integrity and something more: You can suggest him two tracks from Fall out to re-record and include in the full length (check the wall of his fb page)



Suffer the Pain-The Death demo 2012

Punk and metal? a combination that kick asses when each genre comes in with the right percentage to complete the other. Suffer the Pain come from Sweden and deliver a mixture of metal and hardcore blending Swedish death metal with käng hardcore. The Death is their unreleased five track demo which is going to be released in tape format and brings a mixture of furious raw punk with (Swedish death) metal, imagine the fast metallic riffs of early Dismember or Darkthrone blended with hardcore parts bringing the whole thing closer to the punk territory and all these under brutal yelled vocals. There is a cover of Rocky Erickson's Bloody hammer, unusual choice but well played and faster than the original. The Death is available for listening in the bandcamp and free for downloading in Soundcloud.

See here,listen here and get it here

Distastrophy-Distort the future, distort the past (2012)

A blast of noise here! Distastrophy (great name!) come from New Hampshire, United States and is a duet including people of Ramlord. Distort the future, distort the past is their first demo, released in January '12 and delivers six tracks and nearly nine minutes of raw chaotic and noisy D-Beat. This is raw, raw and raw as the noisehell of Disclose, Electric Funeral, Hellkontrol and such acts, the tracks seem to come from different sessions or at least they sound so, the differences in sound quality level is audible from one track to another since some tracks sound louder (for the rest you have to turn up the volume). Distort the future, distort the past is my fav. track and Need more noise and God is the bastard are great too. This is free for downloading in their bandcamp page