Hellcrawler-Wastelands cd (2011,Hollow Earth Records)

Death n Roll with metal sound and D-beat in an awesome combination delivering apocalyptic crust at its finest: From Doom's D-beat discrust to Wolfbrigade's melodic lines and from the slower passages that pop up here and there to Swedish death metal heaviness: "Dwelling among the debris of the whore capital of Western Slovenia, Hellcrawler are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of punk violence, stoner rock atmosphere and heavy riffage. Their soundtrack to the demise of humankind is a motorized assault of old school death metal and d-beat which reflects their major source of inspiration, the decaying aesthetic of post apocalyptic and spaghetti western cinematography. Beginning in 2010, the outfit saw their first release, Wastelands, in 2011 on Hollow Earth Records". Check their fb page. This is a great cd, I liked it much more than expected and gave it many listening again and again.
A cool review of the release, here

bandcamp free download link here


Ex Craw-Extinct demo tape 2011

Ex Craw come from Perth West Australia and they are the band named The Craw with a slightly different name, i posted Primitive Thrash split ep with Deathgrenade so there is no need to repeat any shit about them. Extinct is a eighteen track home dubbed demo tape recorded in 2011 and released by Live Fast Die Drunk Records (myshit, site, blog) a label run by Shane (bass player in Ex Craw and also in Warthreat) who kindly offered it (thanks and cheers!). The demo lasts nearly 30 minutes and brings fast and thrashing hardcore punk similar to their stuff from the split ep, most of the tracks are new and just a few come from 2010-2009 sessions, the cover includes insert with lyrics. sound is raw and decent. Link is provided by Ex-Craw, very nice effort and i wait for more by them, thanks Shane and have a crusty new year!



Contort-An Island of Noise in an Island of Silece (tape,2010)

Contort hail from Dublin, Ireland and include members of Easpa Measa De Novissimis and Putrefaction and also the guy who runs DIY Irish Hardcore Punk Archive blog. An island of noise in an island of silence is their first tape recorded in 2010 and released by Distroy Records and delivers eight tracks of distorted and noisy raw punk in the vein of Disorder, Confuse, GAI and Gloom, "recorded on 4 track the way raw noise punk should be done". In 2011 they recorded another tape titled Endless Myopic Bastards (Distroy/Headwrecker).
Link is provided by the band



Various Artists-Independent and Free cd vol 1 (2011)

No profit and free to share cd compilation released by a label named Varken Records with the announcement "reproduce and distribute this cd for free" on it. There are 22 bands coming from Indonesia (12 bands), Croatia (2 bands), Serbia (1 band), Portugal (1 band), Ukraine (1 band), Belarus (1 band), Mexico (1 band), Canada (1 band). Too many bands from Indonesia and the label behind this comes from Indonesia too. Music wise this is a D-beat/crust compilation, i have posted here the demos of some of the bands included (Dishumanity, Kawakami Nightmare, Stigma) and the most well known and with long history behind them is System Shit from Canada.
Link is taken from Kawakami Nightmare blog (thanks!)



Arseholocaust-Total arseholes demo 2011

"Started March 2011. Members; Tom(drums), Kieran(vox), Mark (guitar). Have been/are in other bands like; INEBRIATED,OCEAN OF ZERO,DREGS OF HUMANITY,GHETTO BLASTER,NATION OF HATE,MIDGET FETISH. Played a few gigs so far w/ TEARGAS, DEBACLE, UNKOWN TO GOD, HEROIN SS." (taken from their ReverbNation page)
Total Arsholes is the first demo of these Brisbane punks (Australia) and it delivers six songs and ten minutes of brutality: Heavy grinding crust with distorted brutal vocals and fast to mid paced drumming with some D-beat parts here and there (check Gateway to carnage) . Apart from Total arseholes they contribute one song in AusGrind's Hits of the summer compilation.Check their fuckbook page for more info, download link is provided by the band



Up the Indo Punx!!

You probably already know this freaking incident: 64 punks were arrested in Aceh, Indonesia by the police, they were forced to take bath and shave their hair and were sent to re-education camp/ This was on Jakarta Globe, BBC News, The Guardian and many other sites, the same shit happened about a year ago but only in this second case it became known to the rest of the world.
Living on the other side of globe and far from Indochina leaves you only a few chances for a symbolic solidarity and nothing for a direct help (sending mail to Indonesia embassy in your country, spread the word in the web e.tc.) There is the Aborted Society mixtapes for Aceh action, the Punk Aid:Jakarta Calling effort for an official compilation, the fb Support The Indonesian Aceh Punks!! group and probably some others... join 'em!

Disabled-No more life to be sacrificed 2011

Disabled come from Bandung, Indonesia, this is from their myshit: "We was born at 28 november 2008. before the name disabled, we use name distrom, we like sound d-beat,black metal,crust,grind,etc... we have some problem and we must loss one of vocalist, that is uwohxshock. at the end of 2010, this band have a dis-ordinary like the other bands. conflict and many more we must have. at 2011, boim (drummer) is out and we must to try with 3 person. and now, we are the 3, Bima on Drum, Ody just Vocal, and Garenk on Guitar. we born to say hallo d-beat!! disabled will be fucki'n special for all!!! DISCOGRAPHY SPLIT CD WITH WARPEACE (ITALY)"
The Dis-name says it all again: No more life... brings nine songs and nearly eighteen minutes of D-beat, a Disfear cover is included, there are dual vocals (the second voice is acid as hell) and the usual lyrical content. Sound quality in good level, i really enjoyed this shit, some tracks (re-recorded) appear in the split w Warpeace



Opposition Rising-Aftermathematics

"Opposition Rising is a new Boston based DIY Hardcore Punk band! Formed in December 2010 by four well-seasoned veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene with the intent of mixing our favorite elements from all the sub-genres of Punk into one aggressive and brutal yet catchy sound with a strong DIY ethic and intelligent lyrics! Soon after forming the band we began playing shows locally and working on our first record!," the debut release entitled “Aftermathematics” was recorded in the summer of 2011 and will be released by a bunch of labels (Active Rebelion, Tankcrime, etc, etc) incl. band's own label Opposition Records and it's available for free on their site. Their discography includes a four way split with In Defence, Hellmouth and Embrace the Kill.
Link is provided by the band. A US and UK tour for the early months of 2012 is on works.


En Psychro-Demo 2011

Εν Ψυχρω (En Psychro, In Cold Blood) come from Nicosia, Cyprus and its a side project of members of Εντος των Τειχων (Within the Walls) and Grotesko (Grotesque),"...we were formed in the summer of 2011 in Cyprus and are part of the DIY scene, influences vary from Hardcore Punk and D-beat, to Crust and Thrash Metal which were molded together to form the band’s extreme sound, The idea to form ‘En Psychro’ came about when its current members decided to start something new in addition to their bands, we entered the studio in November and have recorded live our first self-titled demo/EP, staying true to their DIY beliefs." (taken from Cy-Metal forum).
The demo brings six songs, it delivers thirteen minutes of heavy crust/hardcore reminding of a heavier version of Within the Walls (never listened any stuff from Grotesque), beat is fast with slower parts, guitars are thick and heavy, the singer sings in Greek, the sound quality is excellent. This is good shit, give it a listening.



Fear of Extinction-Demo tape 2010

This is the demo tape of Prague punks Fear of Extinction, i posted their Promo cd some months ago so there is no need for any ranting about them, the demo comes in tape format including a patch and was released by Phobia Records and delivers six tracks very similar to the songs of Promo cd:"From the get go this is an absolute thundering demo with power that is hard to truly express, but will give it a shot anyway, the bass just seems to trundle through the whole demo as if a support for everything else but it just gives an intense sound of distorted power. Which is complimented by some heavy hitting drums and a noisey guitar which just drones with the bass to give the demo a distort dooming hardcore sound and to top it all off early Discharge style vocals which just makes this a fantastic demo, also comes with a patch and a sticker but thats not why you should get this demo it's cause it is deadly, the patch and sticker are an appreciated bonus with the demo".
Taken from D-beat Beater blog, written by Alex Distroy (Distro-y Records)



Chernobyl Attack-Demo 2010

This is distorted raw noise D-punk from Athens, Greece: Chernobyl Attack formed in 2009 as a side project by members of Kalazaar, Asphyxia (Suffocation) and Ysteria (hysteria). Their discography includes this demo, a split tape with Go Filth Go (Sculcrasher) and contributions in compilations such as Solidarity is our weapon and El Triangulo Anarquista. The band follows the anti-commercial and DIY ethics and spirit. The demo delivers nine tracks of raw punk with endless feedback of distorted noise in the vein of Confuse, Chaos UK, Disorder, GAI etc.
Links are blatantly stolen from Τσιμεντενια Βαβυλωνα (Concrete Babylon) blog



Korrupt-Live tracks 2011

i posted Korrupt's demo some months ago so there is no need to blurb anything about this five piece shit, here you got some live songs offered for free by the band in their blog. 10 tracks of raw D-beat chaos bringing the noishit sounds from Borneo,there are some sample songs from the forthcoming ep Step of Annihilation, sound quality is in the appropriate levels for noise freaks, as they say "just noise not music !". There is nothing else to say, go get it and destroy your ears. Link is provided by the band